Top 5 Gifts For Massage Therapists!

If you really want to give a gift to a massage therapist that they will LOVE, keep on reading the Top 5 Gifts For Massage Therapists! Massage is hard work, and we put our heart and soul into making our clients feel better!

1: A Gift Certificate For a Massage
Massage therapists need a massage too.  We sometimes trade massages but it’s REALLY nice to just receive one and not have to return the favor.  A 60-minute massage is great, but a 90-minute one is even better for someone that uses his or her muscles all day. This is probably the BEST gift you can give to a therapist!  ::hint hint::

2: A Gift Certificate From
This online massage supply store has mucho lotsa neato stuff! They don’t sell gift certificates online, so you will need to call 888-918-2253 and ask for it. (BTW, they didn’t pay me to say this! I’m just tellin’ ya what I would love!)

3: High-Quality Hand Balm
People think that massage therapists must have really soft hands because they use lotion all day, but think about how much we have to wash our hands! At the end of the day it’s really nice to have something healing to revive our poor paws.  I love hand lotions that contain lanolin or glycerin.

4: Cool Massage Tools

SPAball Kaddy for self-care

Of course I’m going to say that giving a SPAball Kaddy or KaddyBACK is a great gift, not just because they are MY tools, but because the whole reason I created them in the first place was because I NEEDED them as a therapist!

The SPAball Kaddy allows the therapist to deeply massage their client (or themselves) with a golf ball while protecting their hand and controlling the ball. This makes it easier for them to do deep work without tiring their hands and thumbs. There are free training videos to view online so it is easy to learn. They may say this is the best gift they ever got!

KaddyBACK in use for self-care

The KaddyBACK helps the therapist massage his or her OWN upper back muscles with a golf ball — HANDS FREE. (kind of like putting a golf ball in a sock and leaning against the wall, but the KaddyBACK stays on your shoulder without holding it so you can use it in your car, traveling, etc.) I personally use this tool on myself EVERY day when I drive home from work. I get to do the trigger-point work I perform on my clients all day on MYSELF!

5: A House Cleaning Service For a Day
When a person has a very physical job its hard to have the energy to do more physical labor when you get home.  Make sure you don’t present it in a way that makes the therapist think they are a slob! Tell them they need to relax for a day!


It never hurts to take care of the people that take care of you!

Heather Karr, LMT


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