Trigger Points (With A Golf Ball) For Pain Relief

As a licensed massage therapist I’m going to share with you some very important trigger points. When these trigger points have direct and steady pressure applied you can find relief in the muscle, as well as in the referred pain areas. This also explains why I love golf balls for massage therapy! Many of my clients suffer from … Read more

Secret Spots (a.k.a. Trigger Points) To Help Your Golf Swing

Did you know that if you just massage and put pressure on the trigger points in your upper back you can help relieve the pain in your shoulder or neck without even TOUCHING them? If you’ve ever had a stiff neck I’m SURE you know that “where the head goes, the body goes”, AND SO DOES YOUR SHOT! … Read more

Common causes for lower back pain

PDF LINK: Common causes for lower back pain As a massage therapist one of the most common complains I get from my clients is lower back pain. (BEFORE their massage, smart ass!) This PDF shows the muscles, stretches, and an explanation of WHY they hurt your lower back when they are tight. Even I forget … Read more

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