Secret Spots (a.k.a. Trigger Points) To Help Your Golf Swing

Trigger points in upper backDid you know that if you just massage and put pressure on the trigger points in your upper back you can help relieve the pain in your shoulder or neck without even TOUCHING them?

If you’ve ever had a stiff neck I’m SURE you know that “where the head goes, the body goes”, AND SO DOES YOUR SHOT! It’s obviously IMPORTANT to keep this area flexible.  You’ve got about 400 of these “secret spots” and I’m gonna show you my favs!

See the green area in this image? This is an area that you may have pain. The trigger point to relieve this pain is under the golf ball. The knot in the muscle (where the golf ball is) can create pain (called referred pain) in OTHER areas!

“But, Heather, why is there a golf ball there?”
I KNEW you were going to ask that.

Now it’s hard to REACH this area of your back by yourself. And even if you talk a friend into massaging it for you they almost NEVER do a very good job. Mehhhh. I say DO IT YOURSELF. You can just put a golf ball in a sock, throw it over your shoulder, and press the ball into this area. It not only “hurts so good” but if you keep the pressure there long enough you will feel relief in your shoulders and neck! I use my KaddyBACK  to do this on my drive home because I don’t have to hang onto it to keep it on my shoulder, and can drive safely WHILE giving myself the best back massage EVA!

This is ONE secret you are allowed to share!

Heather Karr, LMT

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