Perfect Spa Treatments? New England Golf Monthly names Golf Ball Massage

Perfect Spa Treatments? Leave it to someone from California to come up with a spa product utilizing a golf ball: the new SPAball Kaddy. The Kaddy was developed by a massage therapist after a client told her he received relief by rolling around on a ball to self-massage. In a nut shell, a golf ball is placed in a cup-like device allowing the massage therapist to roll the ball comfortably into the muscles.SPAball Kaddy results in much less wear and tear and better maneuverability for the therapist and more relief for their clients.($14.95)

KaddyBACK is a takeoff on the common practice of putting a golf ball in a sock, placing it against the upper back area, and pushing it against a wall to allow the ball to massage hard to reach back areas.

KaddyBACK does the same thing without a therapist allowing you to work your muscles hands-free while in a car, chair, etc.  And the good news: You don’t have to be a golfer to benefit from these products.

– by Katharine Dyson

LINK: New England Golf Monthly “The Perfect Life.” by Katharine Dyson
(pages 8-13)

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