Massage Pro's "Golf Ball" Invention Soon To Help Hospice.

January 2011

It wasn’t Heather Karr’s intention to invent anything, nor did she ever imagine her inventions would land her on a national television show.

“It’s wonderful that devices I initially designed to help myself are now tools that are being sold all over the U.S. and Canada!” says Heather, a licensed massage therapist and owner of ahhhmmm Massage Therapy in Thousand Oaks, California. One of the patents she filed was for the SPAball Kaddy, a tool that allows a golf ball to roll freely on her client’s body, under pressure, yet still incorporates the relaxing effect of the human touch.

Originally, she used a golf ball, by itself, but it was hurting her hand, something a therapist never wants to do. She didn’t want to give up the specialty massage that her client’s loved, so she pulled out the Sculpey® clay, and made her first prototype. Despite it’s humble beginnings, Heather’s jewel-like, ergonomic tool is now available for everyone in a super-strong, crystal-clear polymer.

Why use a golf ball for massage? Amazingly, a golf ball is the perfect size, shape, and texture for the pressure needed to release muscle tension due to stress and over-activity, as well as use for cross-fiber work. Professional sports therapist Dorothy Twitchell commented “Simply amazing. This is more than just a tool; it’s a modality that adds another dimension to my massage treatments. The SPAball Kaddy allows me to work deeper on my clients without any stress to my hands (especially thumbs).”

Although it was designed for professional therapists, others have found the SPAball Kaddy to be an effective tool to use on themselves also. Heather says, “I’m not the inventor type. I saw something that just ‘needed to be’, and went ahead and made it. It’s exciting that it has opened up a whole new massage modality that is more than just lightly rolling the golf ball around.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Inspired by the need for deep work on her OWN back, she developed the KaddyBACK. This personal massage device positions a golf ball on your back while leaning against a chair or wall for penetrating, hands-free relief.

Heather was drawn to massage therapy because she had seen first-hand how much stress affects one’s health. She worked most of her life as a graphic designer, but changed her profession because she wanted a better quality of life for herself, and others. She says “Oddly enough, deep-tissue AND hospice massage are my two specialties, but my passion is with the hospice work. Everyone involved in hospice has taught me so much about love, strength, and what really matters, and has led me to something that is truly fulfilling to me as a human being. It’s so cool that the golf ball massage products will not only help people take care of themselves but they will also be supporting hospice, and I’m grateful for that.”

A percentage of the profits from the Golf Ball Massage products will go to help build the House of Hope (, a loving end-of-life care home for people in the Ventura County and Northwestern Los Angeles County.

To see these products, instructional videos, and view Heather demonstrating her unique Golf Ball Massage with the SPAball Kaddy on CBS’s The Doctors, visit

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