Los Angeles Times: Man About Town: A golf ball massage to celebrate the Masters

A golf ball massage from Heather Karr is a winner. Be careful trusting her Kaddy device to a 9-year-old, though.

by Chris Erskine

There was a certain period of time — one of shyness and uncertainty, my body strung like a banjo — when a massage therapist could touch me only with a court order.

Thankfully, those days are almost over, for the other day I found myself in Thousand Oaks getting a golf ball massage.

“Let me show you my holster,” says therapist Heather Karr.

Which is something a woman has never said to me, even in the occasional fantasy sequence. Yet, there is something emotionally stirring to “Let me show you my holster” that I can’t quite put my finger on. But Karr can. She puts her fingers on just about anything.

Most famously, Karr does golf ball massages, not a new therapy exactly, but new enough. It’s been only two years since client John Schneider, the former Duke of Hazzard, told her that to ease his aching back, he would sometimes roll around on a golf ball.

“Ah-ha!” thought Karr, who went on to develop a special tool for rolling golf balls across the body, as well as a holster to house them, so she can seamlessly switch from rubbing you down by hand to rubbing you down with a Titleist.

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LINK-  Los Angeles Times: Man About Town: A golf ball massage to celebrate the Masters

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