I’m a drug dealer. I’m a massage therapist.

Yeah, I’m a drug dealer … and I’m a massage therapist. But I’m no different than any other massage therapist that is doing a good job. We just can’t help it!

It’s our clients’ fault, ya know. We just give them a massage. It’s their body that releases the endorphins. It’s not MY fault!

We call the drug “ENDO” on the street. It’s short for endorphins. ENDO is a hormone made in your body during exercise, excitement, pain and it’s a lot like the opiates in their ability to reduce pain and give you a feeling of well-being. Kind of like morphine but it’s made in the clients own body! This is what happens with runners when they say they have a “runner’s high”.

Yeah, he he… it’s addictive.

Sure, I know I release ENDO in my clients body when I give a massage. So what. So sue me. That’s what my clients want. I give it to them. And they always want more.

Sometimes they want something EXTRA … so I use a golf ball. It kinda “turbo-boosts” the ENDO. Sweeeeet like candy. I call them JAW BREAKERS. There are trigger points in the muscles that I use the JAW BREAKER on. It’s hard to think clearly after that sweet rush of ENDO after a JAW BREAKER. Keeps ‘em coming back for more.

Yeah, I’m a drug dealer … and I’m a massage therapist.

Heather “Trigger Pointer” Karr, LMT

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