High Technology to Add Yards To Your Drive?

Yep. And it’s free.  STRETCHING! I know ::yaaaaawn:: it’s boring. But think about how GREAT it would be to add yards to your drive! Spank your buds in the next skins game … for FREE!

Lack of flexibility can make your swing short and narrow, which reduces the distance on your drive. Stretching becomes less boring if you focus on what it can do for you!

You love that look on Tom “alligator hands” Smith’s face when he has to pull money out of his rarely opened wallet, right? Plus, you reduce the risk of tearing your muscles, which can keep you from playing.

There are many more stretches that are important, but if I had to pick 12, these would be it!

#1: Triceps & Shoulders
#2: Pectoralis
#3: Shoulders
#4: Deltoids
#5: Obliques
#6: Hand, Wrist & Forearms
#7: Glutes (Oh, GOD, the Glutes!)
#8: Hamstrings (Don’t underestimate the power of tight hamstrings. They are sneaky!)
#9: Waist & Torso
#10: Calf & Achilles Tendon
#11: Quadriceps
#12: Inner Thighs

(If you hate stretching get a massage. We’ll do it for you! Win win.)

Okay okay… you can still buy your expensive high-tech gadget.

I’m just sayin’.

Heather Karr, LMT


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