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Why use a golf ball in massage?

The size, hardness, and shape of a golf ball make it the perfect instrument to reach deep sore spots in your muscles, but the golf ball alone is hard to manage without the SPAball Kaddy. People have found that laying on a golf ball on their upper backs reaches those sore muscles, but how do you control the ball if you are using it to massage someone else, or other parts of your own body?


The SPAball Kaddy helps to protect your palm while massaging deeply with a golf ball with SPAball Kaddyvery little effort, as well as enabling you to control the ball. It’s also designed it to be as small as possible to allow for the very important skin contact between your hand and your client. Most of the time the person you are massaging can’t even tell you are using a golf ball … they’ll just think you have AMAZING thumbs!

A tennis ball can be used for pressure against your back (And the compression feels good!) but it’s too soft and big to accomplish that focused therapeutic trigger-point work.

You can also get some of that golf ball action on your OWN back. You can put a golf ball in a sock and push in into your muscles against the wall but I wanted something that STAYED on my shoulder so I could use it while sitting in my car. (I don’t always have time to just stand against a wall.)

I developed the KaddyBACK which is a hands-free, deep-tissue back massager. It holds a golf ball in the upper-back area and stays in place while you travel in your car, stand against a wall, sit at your desk, or in an airplane as you push the ball into your back muscles. I was able to do the same trigger-point work on myself that I use on my clients … all hands-free!

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of the golf ball!

Heather Karr, licensed massage therapist , Thousand Oaks, California USA
Massage Magazine article: Save Your Hands with Golf Ball Massage

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Comments from clients, customers & therapists:


“The Golf Ball Massage is one of my favorite new discoveries! It’s fluid and relaxing, but still therapeutic. Not only did I enjoy Heather’s techniques with the SPAball Kaddy and golf ball, but I use it nightly on my high school football player son Hunter! He loves it and so do I!”
– Kym Douglas, Hollywood Health & Beauty Expert 

“That feels amazing!” Was all I could think to say when Heather first rolled the golf ball in her clever hand-held device over my lower back. The funny thing is that I knew it was a golf ball because the idea came from a massage I used to give myself with a golf ball on the floor. To say that Heather improved on an already good idea is the understatement of the century. ”
– John R. Schneider, Actor

The Golf Ball Massage from Heather is truly amazing. When I need extra pressure to relieve my aches, this is definitely a winner! Being a golf professional and avid cyclist, I place a lot of stress and strain on my back. After a treatment with Heather, I come away feeling renewed and invigorated.
– Denise Doyle-Walker, PGA Golf Professional – Calabasas Country Club, California USA

“The SPAball Kaddy in combination with Thai Yogamassage is great. It’s perfect for giving pressure through the clothing and people are surprised when the hear and see it’s a simple golf ball …. I love it because it’s a relief for my thumbs 😉 and I can give a lot of pressure by using little strength.”
– Astrid van der Does, YourInnergy, Netherlands

“After trying the KaddyBACK myself (and loving it), I gave one to a golf-loving friend (and patient of mine). He has thanked me dozens of times, and has recommended the KaddyBACK to his golf partners. Personally, I love the clever, simple design, and ease of use in reaching the pressure points that are so difficult to relieve with stretching alone.”
– Bryan J. Smith, M.D., Florida USA

” …[Golf Ball Massages with the SPAball Kaddy] are different than regular deep tissue massages because they reach and break down the deepest of knots in my back and legs. … The “rolling” effect of the golf ball throughout the entire muscle is something that other deep tissue techniques are not able to replicate, in my experience.  I recommend Heather’s Golf Ball Massages highly to anyone serious about improving their quality of life through regular massage therapy.”
– K. Petridis, California USA

“The SPAball Kaddy is more than just a tool, it’s a modality that adds another dimension to my massage treatments. The SPAball Kaddy allows me to work deeper on my clients without any stress to my hands (especially thumbs). Clients like the feel of the massage and usually comment that it doesn’t feel like a golf ball. Offering a specialty massage with the SPAball Kaddy keeps my clientele happy and will continue to grow my business as new clients request this unique massage treatment!”
– Dorothy Twitchell, licensed massage therapist, California USA

Here’s the real deal: Heather is just that. I have CHRONIC back problems. I have had 30+ pounds on one shoulder for 32 years. My back is shaped like an “S.” The ONLY relief I have ever found is Heather’s unique Golf Ball Massage. She got more done in terms of relief in one session than any other masseuse has in 5 or more. She rocks more than the Stones and AC/DC combined!
– Rocker in Beverly Hills, California USA

Check out the Golfball Massage Video Channel on YouTube

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