Golf Ball Massage at OMNISENS Paris

OMNISENS Paris Golf & Spa3

Chef de projet et formatrice OMNISENS said about their signature Golf Ball Massage:

“The OMNISENS Golf Spa massage is one of my favorite!  It’s also our best seller in European Spa Resorts.
Original and effective, it brings a deep muscular relaxation. SPAball Kaddy is a good help to adapt intensity and pressure of the massage and, clients love the pleasant sensation of golf balls on the skin. All the people I’ve trained for this massage, loved it! They are our best ambassadors.”

OMNISENS Paris Golf & Spa 2I’ve been communicating with the good people at OMNISENS Paris for a while and it’s been very rewarding to see that they are taking full advantage of the benefits of the SPAball Kaddy during their signature golf massage for their clients. I know personally that the feeling it gives is remarkable. It’s a feeling that you can’t accomplish without the tool and golf ball. SOMEDAY I’m going to make it to OMNISENS Paris to try out their best seller.



Here is the description of their massage:

OMNISENS Paris Spa Cosmetics – Signature Golf-Spa Massage
A sporty, stimulating, rhythmical massage for golfers to relieve deeply held tension and pain. This treatment is a combination of deep tissue techniques and targeted massage on areas of tension with a specific golf ball massage. Enjoy before or after physical effort for women and men

Congratulations OMNISENS Paris. Hope to visit you soon!

Heather Karr, LMT

Heather Karr, LMT




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