GEMball Massage


Massaging with crystal or jade for trigger-point work might be the best of ALL worlds.

HeatherKarrLMTI’ve been doing the Golf Ball Massage for several years now (using the SPAball Kaddy to control the ball and protect my hand during deep pressure) but have recently discovered that using a golf ball size crystal and jade ball has benefits I hadn’t considered. Aside from the energy benefits that some say the crystals and stones have, the feel of a natural stone has a completely different feeling than the golf ball.

The main thing I love about massaging with the crystal, jade or golf ball, is that the size is small enough to target trigger-points as well as allowing my hand to be on the client at the same time. Often they are not even aware I’m using a golf ball at all!


I’ve developed techniques (ON LINE COURSE for 12 CE credits) with the golf ball and SPAball Kaddy but they are the same techniques that can be used with the stones. The results when I’ve done this are my client walking slowly out of the massage room with a dazed look on their face slowing saying “O…M…G. That was incredible”.

I have to point out that doing a Golf Ball or GEMball Massage without the SPAball Kaddy is TOTALLY different than what I do. The techniques are impossible with just a ball alone. When you watch the THIS VIDEO you will understand what I’m referring to!

Why use the SPAball Kaddy?

SPAball KaddyThe SPAball Kaddy  allows one to give as many massages with a ball as they want, as deep as they want, and the ball is more controllable. The SPAball Kaddy aids in going VERY DEEP with very little effort as well as PROTECTING your hand from the pressure. I also designed it to be as small as possible to allow for the very important skin contact between my hand and my client.  I’m a HUGE believer in the benefits of the human touch. It’s always important to me that even my deep therapeutic massages are soothing to the soul and give my clients the benefits of the same nurturing techniques that I use in Compassionate Touch Therapy.

Please contact me with any questions or feedback!

–Heather Karr, LMT, Thousand Oaks, California USA

“A total WOW – The GEMball massage is deeply relaxing, yet very therapeutic. The rolling of the crystal and jade allows the therapist to safely deliver deep tissue work in a soothing, rhythmic motion. This is something that I will recommend to all clients as a tool to elevate the massage experience in their spa.” Deborah Evans Parker, Spa Development and Consultant.


UPDATE! Quartz Crystal balls are now available. They also include an elegant gift box. $24.99









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