Free Download of Necessary Massage Certificate

Need a massage certificate to convince someone that your massage is necessary, and not just a luxury?

Does this sound familiar:

     CHRIS: “I NEED a massage”

     BRETT: “You big baby. You don’t NEED a massage, you just WANT one.”

     CHRIS: “I WANT one because I NEED one. It does me so much good!”

     BRETT: “You just want to be pampered; it’s just a luxury.”

Listen up Brett — if that is your real name — I’m about to educate you!

Massage can SAVE MONEY and PREVENT INJURY. Don’t let the fact that it feels awesome fool you. Sleeping feels great. Is that a luxury too?

One study found that just ONE 45-minute massage reduces cortisol levels (the stress hormone), decreases cytokine proteins (related to inflammation and allergic reactions), and boosts white blood cells that fight infection!

WHACK! I’m not done with you yet, Brett.

An insurance company recently took a chance by allowing massage to be a “covered benefit.” The results were amazing: 25% decrease in back surgeries, 30% decrease in neck surgeries, 40% decrease in TMJ, and almost a 50% decrease in stress leave.

BAMM! That just happened, Brett.

Premature babies who received 15 minutes of massage, 3 times a week, gained 47% more weight, and were discharged from the hospital six days earlier.


Check out this checklist and determine for yourself whether massage is a luxury or a necessity. Now you’ll have the certificate to prove it.

Two or more checked indicates a massage is a necessity, not just a luxury.

__ I need to be less cranky & uptight

__ I need to think more clearly & focused

__ My muscles are tight & they hurt

__ I’m active & worry about injury due to tight or over-worked muscles.

__ I feel pain in my muscles

__ I’m stressed & I need to improve my immune system

__ I have headaches due to stress & tight muscles

__ I’m depressed

Massage therapists, etc. feel free to download this certificate and insert YOUR contact information. Give freely to your clients who need a little help convincing the “Bretts” in their lives that a massage will truly benefit them!

Download printable PDF here



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