Foam Roller, Golf Balls, Ice Tea, and Chardonnay…

Ahhhh, foam roller! You probably already know how much I love golf balls for self-care, but here are three OTHER things I can’t live without. As a massage therapist I recommend the first three to my clients. The forth is a personal choice.


1: Foam Roller.
If you’ve never used one of these bad boys before then you probably aren’t aware of the love/hate relationship people have with this thang! Aside from getting a professional massage, I think the foam roller is the next best thing to getting that deep compression in your muscles. I gotta tell ya that it can be pretty uncomfortable, but don’t let that stop you! It’s worth it.
My favorite areas to work are my glutes, IT bands, infraspinatus, quads, upper back, and deltoids. There are SOOO many other areas, but those are my faves!
If your IT bands (or infraspinatus) are too sensitive then use a rolled up hand towel for softer pressure at first. Graduate to the foam roller when you are ready.

2: Golf Balls.
Ever since I was exposed to these little spheres of joy I’ve been hooked. The pressure, size, and hardness are perfect for easily getting into those tough knotted muscles. I especially like golf balls because I can use them to massage myself and don’t have to beckon anyone to help me! Nothing replaces the healing hands of a massage therapist but sometimes you just don’t have the time!

3: Ice Tea.
I really, really, really, really dislike drinking plain water. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I know I need to stay hydrated to keep my muscles functioning properly, so I add a LITTLE ice tea in my water to make it more drinkable, without adding calories.

 4: Chardonnay.
The Nectar of the Gods.

Thank you StudioTyla Pilates & Fitness for letting me crash your class … and model, Jen Hixson, for the surprise photo shoot. xxxooooo

Heather Karr, LMT 

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One Response to “Foam Roller, Golf Balls, Ice Tea, and Chardonnay…”
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