A Love Letter To Miguel Angel Jimenez

My heart raced and my angst melted. I now know there IS a God.
You have proven to me ::sniff:: that golfers DO know how to stretch.

You have entered my life at a time I needed you most.

I was losing faith in golfers. I thought they had a piece missing in their frigin’ brains that allows them to understand that stretching HELPS their game. My mouth dropped when I saw your shoulders and hips stretch WAY past the capabilities of a 6-pack-ab metro-stud. My body got all tingly as I watched your “don’t-give-a-shit” stretches. The way you did them sooooooo sloooooow and deliberate… I could actually feel MY muscles and joints stretching!

How are you able to do this to me? I wish more men were like you, my dear.

I think I’m actually going to start smoking cigars.

I love you.
Heather Karr, LMT

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