Spas able to become licensed “SPAball” Golf Ball Massage venues

Resorts & Spas Now Able to Get The Ball Rolling With The Original “Golf Ball Massage”

SPAball Massage

(Thousand Oaks, California)  – A few years back, the folks at GBM Health, Inc. started a unique revolution with the original and innovative use of golf balls and their patent pending SPAball Kaddy for therapeutic massages.  Riding the success of that product line, the company is now able to offer licensing of exclusive “SPAball Massage” packages to spas and resorts worldwide.  Even though just launching in August, 2013, a handful of resorts and spas are starting to sign on already.

SPAball KaddyA little set-up and background — the SPAball Massage offerings at these resorts center around the SPAball Kaddy product line designed by GBM Health, Inc. The SPAball Kaddy is the first ergonomically balanced, cup-like device that perfectly cradles a standard golf ball for massage. The SPAball Kaddy allows the therapist to push more deeply into the muscles, while still remaining “in-touch” with the client, providing more targeted therapeutic results.

Therapists trained in the specialized practice of SPAball Massages will be offering three different packages at spas and resorts internationally:

Golf Essential SPAball massageGOLF ESSENTIAL™ SPAball Massage
Deep massage with stretches and techniques to help a golfer perform better


DEEP essential SPAball massageDEEP ESSENTIAL SPAball Massage
Deep tissue with special cross fiber techniques to help prevent injury and relax sore muscles


RELAX essential SPAball MassageRELAX ESSENTIAL ™ SPAball Massage
Therapeutic yet surprisingly relaxing with smooth, deep and rolling techniques with the tool


It bears repeating that the interesting and unique aspect about each of these special massages is that they are all done exclusively with the SPAball Kaddy, the original golf ball massage tool. These massage packages even include a free SPAball Kaddy for self-care to use between massage services, providing customers a guide for health empowerment at home, in the office or while traveling.

The original Golf Ball Massages, now expanding to the SPAball Massage offerings, have been increasingly popular with a growing fan base; including celebrities, medical professionals and golf industry pros: READ HERE

For more information on this new SPAball Massage service, how to get it licensed at a spa/resort or to find out where it is being offered go to:

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2 Responses to “Spas able to become licensed “SPAball” Golf Ball Massage venues”
  1. Ashley Ecker says:

    Hello, I was just wondering if training is only being offered to Spa and salons or if there will be training or certification courses available for individual massage therapist so that we can include it into our everyday practice as well. I am part of a salon and spa but we have massage therapist that are certified in different techniques and this one does interest me so wondering how to go about it.

    thank you

    • heather says:

      Hi Ashley,

      The training for the “SPAball™ Massage” is a very specific golf ball massage and it’s only available for spas that are licensed to offer them. But you can perform your OWN personal golf ball massage with the SPAball Kaddy to help you go deep! There are free training videos online or you can also purchase the professional DVD to help you with techniques using the SPAball Kaddy. It feels remarkable!

      The benefit of a spa becoming licensed is not only does the therapist learn a proven therapeutic and relaxing Golf Ball Massage, but the spa is listed on the website. This allows potential customers to find spas to enjoy the Original Golf Ball Massage. Plus, each customer goes home with their own SPAball Kaddy for self-care! The GOLF ESSENTIAL™ SPAball™ Massage has specific moves that targets muscles that help a golfer play better, and possibly prevent injury.

      I hope this helps!

      Heather 😉

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