Oooohhh, feels soooo good … massage on the golf course…

Goose (the golf ball) gets his FIRST massage on the golf course.

Turn the music up loud … and Let’s Get It On!




We had a lot of fun putting this video together. It’s obvious we didn’t do this professionally, but that was half the fun! I wrote the script originally but Mike Mier made it WAY better. (He’s also the golfer that is running away from “Goose” the golf ball.) I’m sure that the people playing at the Sterling Golf Course were wondering what the heck we were doing when I videoed this on the practice green with my iPhone. Daryl Sparkman (the model) is a hairdresser in Westlake Village and she was so much fun to work with. AND so helpful keeping all the balls with the different faces in order!

Good times!

The SPAball Kaddy is what was used to control the golf ball while Daryl massaged herself. The pressure of the golf ball on your muscles is wonderful! As a massage therapist myself, I use it all the time. It really IS great to use on the course, or anywhere for that matter. Give it a shot! You may even play better with more flexible muscles!

– Heather

Directed by:
Heather Karr

Written by:
Mike Mier & Heather Karr

Daryl Sparkman

“Goose” (the golf ball):
Mike Mier

Sterling Hills Golf Course, Camarillo, CA

Plastic massager thing:
SPAball Kaddy

Herbie’s One Putt Wedge

“Let’s Get It On”
By either Marvin Gaye or Barry White. We aren’t sure. The song download said “Barry White” but we think it’s wrong.
(Mike thought it was Al Green … which was TOTALLY lame of him.)

The credit music you are listening to right now was made with “Songify
(a free awesome app)

Singer & Song Writer:
Mike “Al Green” Mier


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