Massage Tips For The Wife of a Golfer

You love your man, right? Do you want some massage tips so he can play a better game and make him happy? You don’t want him to hurt his shoulders and not be able to play … because then he will be grumpy, right? RIGHT?

Give him a massage with his own golf balls!

His shoulders need to stay loose and strong to get that great swing, so here’s what to do:

Golf balls are fantastic to massage with (If you use the SPAball Kaddy with the golf ball it makes it easier to go DEEP and control the ball.)

1: Get him to lay on his back.

2: Tell him you are going to do something to him you’ve never done before.

3: Slowly put lotion or oil on his chest and arms. Warm up his shoulder muscles with light massage with just your hands.

4: Then, start rolling the ball around in the areas indicated in this photo.

5: Listen to his signs of what he likes. Start LIGHTLY then gradually get deeper. Stay slow.

6: Flip him over and massage his back and shoulder area.


Feel free to email me with any questions. Let me know how it goes. Maybe he will return the favor!


Heather Karr, LMT

(Click HERE to see a sneak peek video of a Golf Ball Massage for couples.)


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