Learn trigger point work with a golf ball to relieve pain.

I want to share with you some VERY important trigger points (indicated with a golf ball, of course!) and the referred pain areas. When these trigger points have direct and steady pressure you can find relief in the referred pain areas. This also shows WHY I love golf balls for massage therapy!

The middle back trigger points can be applied by laying on the floor on top of a golf ball.  You can also put a golf ball in a sock and leaning against the wall. Better yet, put the golf ball in a KaddyBACK so you can put pressure in these areas hands-free. It stays on your shoulder while sitting in a car, plane, etc. I seriously use this on myself everyday in my car because of all the physical work I personally do as a massage therapist.

To reach the trigger points in the neck use the SPAball Kaddy with the golf ball. This can be done standing or sitting, although I like to lay on my back holding the ball in place on my upper neck (and under my scull) while relaxing! I will rub and roll the ball on my sore muscles and, at times, just hold it on the trouble spots.

If you would like to see more techniques (as well as learn couple’s massage) you can purchase the Golf Ball Massage training DVD online


Heather Karr

SNEAK PEEK – Golf Ball Self-Care & Couple’s Massage Training DVD

SNEAK PEEK – Golf Ball Massage Training DVD for Therapists



• The SPAball Kaddy and KaddyBACK have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health condition or concern, consult a physician.

• A golf ball should never be applied directly to wounds, bruises or sprains.

• Always inspect SPAball Kaddy and golf ball prior to use. If there are any imperfections, discard immediately.

• Do not use excessive pressure as injury may result. User discretion is strongly advised.

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