Kym Douglas experiences the Original Golf Ball Massage

What a treat it was to meet Kym Douglas, Hollywood Health & Beauty Expert, and give her a well deserved Golf Essential™ SPAball™ Massage. This massage is the exact Golf Ball Massage I developed and perform on my clients. So glad she took some time to de-stress. I also demonstrated how she can massage herself with the SPAball Kaddy and golf ball and she was surprised how good it felt!

This is what Kym says:

“The Golf Essential™ SPAball™ Massage is one of my favorite new discoveries! It’s fluid and relaxing, but still therapeutic. Not only did I enjoy Heather’s techniques with the SPAball Kaddy and golf ball, but I use it nightly on my high school football player son Hunter! He loves it and so do I!” – Kym Douglas, Hollywood Health & Beauty Expert

Awesome. 😉

We are now offering the licensing of the SPAball™ Massage, The Original GOLF BALL MASSAGE, to spas and resorts. Visit for more information.

Heather Karr, LMT


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