Massage those difficult-to-reach upper back muscles with a deep-penetrating golf ball — HANDS FREE.

• In the office, on an airplane, in the car, it travels everywhere for effective pressure-point therapy ON THE GO.

• Allows multi-tasking while in use

• A unique, inexpensive gift for golfers or anyone

When you have stress in your upper back, focused pressure applied over certain points may help relieve the pain. Some common areas are illustrated below.

1) Insert a golf ball
2) Put the KaddyBACK over your shoulder.
3) Lean against a firm surface to push the ball into tense spots.

For lumbar support while sitting, put one golf ball in each pocket and position on each side of your lower back.

Secret Spots (Trigger Points) to help with neck pain


“Many trigger points and muscle spasms are found in hard to reach places, making it impossible to reach without activating your muscles.  The KaddyBACK is great for relieving those hard to reach rhomboids passively, getting my patients to become independent faster.”
Dr Tom Hibbard, DC
Limitless Health Chiropractic


Easily accommodates a embroidery hoop for custom embroidery with your company logo or event.


Replace one ball with the FLAXsak.
To soothe aches and pains, HEAT FLAXsak in microwave for 40 seconds on high. DO NOT MICROWAVE GOLF BALLS! (Microwaves vary, test in 10-second increments.) DO NOT OVERHEAT.
Use COLD to reduce swelling.
Freeze sealed in a ziplock bag.
Do not get FLAXsak wet.
Spot clean with damp cloth only.



“After trying the KaddyBACK myself (and loving it), I gave one to a golf-loving friend (and patient of mine). He has thanked me dozens of times, and has recommended the KaddyBACK to his golf partners. Personally, I love the clever, simple design, and ease of use in reaching the pressure points that are so difficult to relieve with stretching alone.”
– Bryan J. Smith, M.D., Florida USA

“As a manicurist my upper back is always stressed out but I can’t afford to get the massages I need. Since I’ve been working out again it’s gotten even worst! The other night I woke up from the pain and remembered that I had the KaddyBACK. I used it against the headboard and WOW! The pressure it gave between my shoulder blades and spine was amazing and I was able to get back to sleep! I keep it in my nightstand all the time now! The KaddyBACK SAVED me!”
– Terry Hendershot, California USA

“I found the KaddyBACK to be very effective in releasing the tension in my upper back. I’m 6’3″ and it takes a massage therapist quite a bit of work to get at those knots in my upper back. I was also surprised how well it works while sitting on an airplane. Brilliant.”
– Joseph Lamoree, Programmer, Pasadena, California USA



• The KaddyBACK and FLAXsak have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health condition or concern, consult a physician.

• A golf ball should never be applied directly to wounds, bruises or sprains.

• Always inspect the KaddyBACK, FLAXsak, and golf ball prior to use. If there are any imperfections, discard immediately.

• Do not use excessive pressure as injury may result. User discretion is strongly advised.

Check out the Golfball Massage Video Chanel on YouTube

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