Golf Ball Massage tools in ABMP Massage Bodywork magazine

ABMP Massage Bodywork Magazine features’s Golf Ball Massage’s SPAball Kaddy and KaddyBACK.

By Rebecca Jones

Rolling around on a golf ball is great therapy for sore muscles. It’s just the right size and shape. But a golf ball can be hard on a therapist’s hands, so Heather Karr ( created a device that holds a golf ball and allows the therapist to control it more easily. She calls it the SPAball Kaddy ($14.99, golf ball included). “Even cooler,” she says, “is the KaddyBACK [$12.99].” That’s a cloth holder for the SPAball Kaddy that is slug over the shoulder and allows the wearer to perform his or her own trigger point therapy by pushing it against a wall.

FYI… the KaddyBACK can hold just a golf ball alone to get pressure on those muscles on your back, but a SPAball Kaddy and golf ball fit in there too, if you want REALLY deep pressure!

Thanks ABMP! You guys ROCK!

Heather Karr, LMT

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  1. Tom Slaiter says:

    Golfing is not just good for your body, it’s really therapeutic! Great post, thanks a lot 🙂

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