Golf Ball, Crystal, and Stone Massage?


Stone massage for trigger-point work might be the best of ALL worlds.

I’ve been doing the Golf Ball Massage for several years now (using the SPAball Kaddy to control the ball and protect my hand during deep pressure) but have recently discovered that using a golf ball size crystal and jade ball has benefits I hadn’t considered!

ACTIONspaball3As a LMT in Southern California, my specialties are deep tissue/trigger-point/sports massage as well as Compassionate Touch Therapy for hospice, so I’m a HUGE believer in the benefits of the human touch. It’s always important to me that even my deep therapeutic massages are soothing to the soul and give my clients the benefits of the same nurturing techniques that I use in Compassionate Touch Therapy.

The main thing I love about massaging with the golf ball is that the size is small enough to target trigger-points as well as allowing my hand to be on the client at the same time.



Often they are not even aware I’m using a golf ball at all! I developed techniques to seamlessly transition to using the ball—and not using the ball—without the client even being aware of it. I want them to just float to “another world” and forget I’m even there … feeling rejuvenated when I’m done. I have to point out that doing a golf ball massage without the SPAball Kaddy is TOTALLY different than what I do. The techniques are impossible with just a golf ball alone. When you watch the THIS VIDEO you will see what I’m referring to!

I used to offer hot stone massage but stopped after discovering how awesome the golf ball was. The stones felt good but it was hard to hold them and I found the “clicking and clanking” of the stones, and going back and forth to the crockpot of hot water, was too distracting and disjointing for the client. The hot stones were also hard on my hands when I tried to use them deeply, not to mention all the burns I enjoyed working with the scalding water.

Perfectly Round Quartz Crystal and Stones!

crystalBalldisplayAside from the energy benefits that some say the crystals and stones have, the feel of a natural stone has a completely different feeling than the golf ball. I loaned my quartz crystal ball to Golf Ball Massage specialist, Valeria Zenter, and had her perform her Golf Ball Massage with the SPAball Kaddy and crystal ball on me and … HOLY COW! The experience was remarkable. It was so smoooooooth but also deep and therapeutic. I was surprised at how buttery smooth it was, yet still able to manipulate my muscles. It was like the soft, strong pressure of water massaging your muscles. Powerful, yet so soft. After the massage my whole body was buzzing and relaxed at the same time. Was it the energy work from the crystal or just pure and simple muscle therapy? I don’t know but I’m TOTALLY hooked!

Crystal vs. Golf Ball?

Some of my clients still like just the golf ball better because it “grips” the muscles and tissue a little more, giving a different kind of a massage. Plus, the golf ball feels more like a human touch so usually the client isn’t aware that the awesome feeling they are enjoying isn’t from my thumbs, fingers, or elbows. The stones feel drastically smoother (like liquid), heavier, and cooler, resulting in a completely different feeling.

Some therapists believe that the crystals have healing and energy benefits so using them during a massage can give them the double-whammy of goodness. The great thing is that you can use whatever your clients needs that particular day. Win win for everyone!

Here is a great site for in-depth info on energy with stones:


I’ve developed techniques with the golf ball and SPAball Kaddy but they are the same techniques that can be used with the stones. The results: my clients walk slowly out of the massage room with a dazed look on their face saying “O…M…G. That was incredible”.

FYI, the ball moves REAL smooth if you put lotion or oil in the SPAball Kaddy before you put the ball in it.

You can watch the videos with the golf ball on the Golf Ball Massage YouTube channel, because the techniques are the same, but here’s a little quick look!

The Verdict?

Ummmmm … WINNING!

As a therapist I can do great trigger-point work without hurting my hands, and can also benefit the client in ways I never could before. I love the pretty display I made for my beautiful stones in my spa and I love to come to work everyday and make people feel great.

Heather Karr, LMT

Heather Karr, LMT

Please let me know how it works for you! I would love to hear any tips you discovered or comments!

Heather Karr, LMT

FYI… An online 12-Hour CE Course for Golf Ball Massage is now available to all massage therapists. These are the same techniques that can be used with the crystal or jade balls. More Info:


UPDATE! Quartz Crystal balls are now available. They also include an elegant gift box. $24.99


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