Elite 1847 spa in Dubai soon offering SPABALL MASSAGE

We are proud to announce that 1847 spa “Executive Grooming for Men” in Dubai will be the first spa to offer the SPAball™ Massage, the Original Golf Ball Massage, designed and developed by Heather Karr, the founder and innovator of Golf Ball Massage and the SPAball Kaddy.


“Any spa can use the SPAball Kaddy for a deep Golf Ball Massage but the SPAball™ Massage is the exact massage and philosophy that I personally developed and perfected,” says Ms. Karr. “The GOLF Essential™, DEEP Essential™ and RELAX Essential™ SPAball™ Massages get rave reviews, and I’m excited that these will be offered for the first time by the elite 1847 spa in 4 locations: Emirates Towers Boulevard, The Walk: Jumeira Beach Residence, Mirdif City Centre, and City Walk.”

SPAballMassagesThese golf ball massages are deeply relaxing, yet they release stubborn muscle knots. The slow and fluid techniques make it almost impossible to detect that a tool is being used at all, but the sensation and results are remarkable.

Kennedi Martin, Independent film/TV Producer says “The DEEP Essential™ SPAball™ Massage is by far the most effective deep tissue massage I have ever had and I have tried them all to help manage muscular tightness, knots, and pain associated with a chronic neurological pain condition.  The deep tissue technique using the SPAball Kaddy and golf ball allows for a broader base and significantly deeper pressure on muscles and trigger points than a typical hand or elbow, allowing for less pain during the massage and a deeper release of pressure and tightness.  After a single massage I felt a marked increase in the effectiveness and depth of my physical therapy stretches and yoga.  Home use of the SPAball Kaddy has been extremely beneficial in maintaining the benefits of professional massage for a longer period of time as well as being able to personally relieve my neck and shoulder stiffness.  I have been searching for a technique that would help for six years and I have finally found it with this massage.”

About 1847
1847 is designed to meet the needs of men with executive lifestyles, in luxury and privacy and is
Considered one of the most successful businesses in the UAE’s grooming industry. With a devoted clientele, and based on popular demand, 1847 opened a second branch at the Grosvenor House in September, followed by two further branches in JBR, The Walk and Mirdif City Centre, covering all four corners of the residential and commercial districts of Dubai.

The Grooming Company has launched its expansion via its franchise model, with the first ever 1847 franchise inaugurated in November 2013. Located in the heart of Jumeirah, CityWalk is already a popular and vibrant retail destination. 1847’s second franchise is strategically located in Al Bandar, Abu Dhabi and is due to launch operations in Q2, 2014.


The Grooming Company Background
The Grooming Company (TGC) brands are governed by a pioneering formula of absolute perfection, stringent hygiene standards, in-house trained specialists, premium products and a ‘no compromise’ approach. Within the industry, and among its employees, TGC serves not merely as the parent company of three stunning brands, but also as a philosophy, a culture, and an industry benchmark.

Negin Fattahi-Dasmal, Founder & CEO of The Grooming Company

Negin Fattahi-Dasmal, Founder & CEO of The Grooming Company

The success of TGC is attributed to the dedication and business acumen of Founder & CEO, Negin Fattahi-Dasmal, whose contributions to the industry have set a benchmark for other players in the region, and spawned several imitators.

Educated in Dubai and the US, Negin has spent over 30 years in the UAE. In the late 1990s, when she first started her business, it was with the pioneering idea of a high-end nail care concept that came to life as N.Bar in 2001. The instant success of N.Bar was soon followed by the launch of the male grooming lounge, 1847, another groundbreaking concept in the Middle East. Her third and most recent brand innovation is JetSet, a ‘wash and blow dry’ hair care concept.

Negin’s unmitigated success in the grooming industry is built on her talent for identifying market niches and customer needs, and her perfectionist approach to all her projects. While the standards she set have quickly emerged as industry benchmarks, her original and innovative ideas are backed by the highest standards of professionalism, offering customers unique and unforgettable experiences.

Negin’s most recent success entails being awarded not only The Emirates Woman ‘Achiever of Year 2013’ but also the much honored ‘Emirates Woman of The Year Award 2013’.


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For more information visit www.spaballmassage.com

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