Golf Ball Massage at OMNISENS Paris

Chef de projet et formatrice OMNISENS said about their signature Golf Ball Massage: “The OMNISENS Golf Spa massage is one of my favorite!  It’s also our best seller in European Spa Resorts. Original and effective, it brings a deep muscular relaxation. SPAball Kaddy is a good help to adapt intensity and pressure of the massage … Read more

I’m a drug dealer. I’m a massage therapist.

Yeah, I’m a drug dealer … and I’m a massage therapist. But I’m no different than any other massage therapist that is doing a good job. We just can’t help it! It’s our clients’ fault, ya know. We just give them a massage. It’s their body that releases the endorphins. It’s not MY fault! We call … Read more

Unique, affordable, awesome. SHOPPING DONE.

Because that’s how we roll. SPAball Kaddy.

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