Kym Douglas experiences the Original Golf Ball Massage

What a treat it was to meet Kym Douglas, Hollywood Health & Beauty Expert, and give her a well deserved Golf Essential™ SPAball™ Massage. This massage is the exact Golf Ball Massage I developed and perform on my clients. So glad she took some time to de-stress. I also demonstrated how she can massage herself with the SPAball … Read more

Stretching is BORING. Why should a golfer bother?

I know, stretching is a bore….zzzzZZZZZ. But think about how cool it would be to add yards to your drive! Spank your buds in the next skins game. And stretching is free! Lack of flexibility will make your swing short and narrow, which reduces the distance on your drive. Stretching becomes WAY less boring if you realize … Read more

Don’t be knotty! RELAX!

Good grief, you knotty thang! RELAX your jaw, shoulders, and forehead. You are at the computer, minding your business, wondering why your shoulders always have knots in them. Your jaw hurts, and the worry wrinkles are getting deeper on your forehead. Your children ask you why you look mad, even though you’re not. Your boss … Read more

Spas able to become licensed “SPAball” Golf Ball Massage venues

Resorts & Spas Now Able to Get The Ball Rolling With The Original “Golf Ball Massage” (Thousand Oaks, California)  – A few years back, the folks at GBM Health, Inc. started a unique revolution with the original and innovative use of golf balls and their patent pending SPAball Kaddy™ for therapeutic massages.  Riding the success … Read more

Trigger Points (With A Golf Ball) For Pain Relief

As a licensed massage therapist I’m going to share with you some very important trigger points. When these trigger points have direct and steady pressure applied you can find relief in the muscle, as well as in the referred pain areas. This also explains why I love golf balls for massage therapy! Many of my clients suffer from … Read more

Golf Ball Massage tools available in Australia.

All our friends in Australia can now order their favorite Golf Ball Massage trigger point massage tools from ACCESS HEALTH in Blackburn, Victoria.   Access Health has been around since 1978 and has grown into a major supplier of Electrotherapy equipment, Treatment Tables and Consumables for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Community Health Centers and Rehabilitation Hospitals. … Read more

Golf Ball Massage at the Four Seasons Dublin, Ireland

Recommended by Irish golfing legend Des Smyth, this exclusive sports massage treatment at the Four Seasons – a first in Ireland – uses a special rolling massage device with an inner golf ball to provide steady, gliding pressure and deep massage work, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the fairway in style. … Read more

Golf Digest Magazine advises on massage for golfers

Great article by Golf Digest’s fitness editor, Ron Kaspriske, about massage for golfers, and I was honored to contribute. Most of the golfers I massage are on the verge of an injury. It’s important for them to communicate this information to their massage therapist. For instance, YES, your forearms need to be flexible, but if you already have some pain from overuse (or inflammation) the therapist … Read more

Therapist Mixes Lomi Lomi With Golf Ball Massage

Southern California’s Therapist Katie Mitchell’s idea of mixing the Hawaiian massage techniques of Lomi Lomi with the deep techniques of Golf Ball Massage using the SPAball Kaddy is a huge winner! Katie, is the therapist and esthetician at Katie’s Skincare located inside The Hair Affair at 484 Mobil Ave, Camarillo, California. I had the pleasure … Read more

Zebula Golf Estate & Spa South Africa offer Golf Ball Massage

Zebula Spa therapists treating clients with the SPAball Kaddy- these girls are good – be sure not to miss out on the Golf Ball Massage at Zebula Golf Estate and Spa, South Africa World-leading therapies meet the heart and soul of Africa at the acclaimed The Spa at Zebula. Beautifully designed, featuring natural textures and … Read more