Massage Magazine – Save Your Hands

Being a massage therapist is hard work. We push ourselves to make sure our clients get the deep massages they desire, but we often do this to the point of risking injury to our hands and fingers. It’s in our nature to be givers in our chosen line of work. We have a great desire … Read more

Golf Ball Massage announces new European distributor

We are so happy to announce our new European Golf Ball Massage products distributor, Kalijn. Europeans have been ordering the SPAball Kaddy (as well as other products from GBM Health, Inc.) directly from the USA, but now they will be available more quickly and without the expense of shipping and customs fees from the USA. … Read more

Home of The Masters Offers The Original “Golf Ball Massage”

Ready.Set.Relaxx (DBA Therapeutic Massage by KC) in Martinez Georgia is now a licensed and certified “SPAball Massage, The Original Golf Ball Massage” venue. The owner and licensed massage therapist Krystina Carrino, along with 10 of her independent contractors, are expecting guests from all over the world for The Masters tournament the first week of April. … Read more

Golf Ball Massage at OMNISENS Paris

Chef de projet et formatrice OMNISENS said about their signature Golf Ball Massage: “The OMNISENS Golf Spa massage is one of my favorite!  It’s also our best seller in European Spa Resorts. Original and effective, it brings a deep muscular relaxation. SPAball Kaddy is a good help to adapt intensity and pressure of the massage … Read more

Trigger Point with a Quartz Crystal Ball?

I’ve been using golf balls for trigger point work in massage for a long time, but have found using a quartz crystal ball is also awesome! I’ve not been practicing “energy work” with crystals and stones but a lot of my therapist friends do, and now we are finding they can do trigger point work … Read more

Golf Ball, Crystal, and Stone Massage?

Stone massage for trigger-point work might be the best of ALL worlds. I’ve been doing the Golf Ball Massage for several years now (using the SPAball Kaddy to control the ball and protect my hand during deep pressure) but have recently discovered that using a golf ball size crystal and jade ball has benefits I … Read more

CE Course for Golf Ball Massage

Online 12-Hour CE Course for Golf Ball Massage is Now Available! This online 12-hour continuing education course utilizes streaming video to demonstrate various massage techniques to use with the SPAball Kaddy. We will show you how to locate trigger points and how to eliminate the pain and stiffness associated with them by utilizing depth of … Read more

Unusual Spa Treatments – Four Seasons Mauritius

Golf Vacations Life Luxuriated – Unusual Spa Treatments Surprise yourself this year with a few treatments you may not have come across. BY Catharine Nicol Golf Ball Massage, Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita This new Golf Ball Massage reportedly gives a great deep tissue massage. The ball fits into a specially designed ‘Kaddy’ holder, helping the … Read more

The ORIGINAL Golf Ball Massage online training

Licensed SPAball Massage, the ORIGINAL Golf Ball Massage
, 12 Continuing Education Hours
 Online Training. Course Fee: $110.00 Course Description:
 This twelve hour continuing education course focuses on the handling and use of the SPAball Kaddy and a golf ball for a therapeutic deep massage, while also protecting the massage therapist’s hands, fingers and thumbs. The SPAball Massage … Read more

Elite 1847 spa in Dubai soon offering SPABALL MASSAGE

We are proud to announce that 1847 spa “Executive Grooming for Men” in Dubai will be the first spa to offer the SPAball™ Massage, the Original Golf Ball Massage, designed and developed by Heather Karr, the founder and innovator of Golf Ball Massage and the SPAball Kaddy. “Any spa can use the SPAball Kaddy for a deep Golf Ball Massage but the SPAball™ Massage is … Read more