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Why didn’t I think of that invention?

“When I first heard about Golf Ball Massage I had one of those, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ moments.”

Mychal, of My Life in Mommyland , is a mother of two little boys and the wife of Bill, who is a hard working golf course superintendent. She also the founder and moderator of an online community called Wives of Turf which she started as a way to find other women who had married into the “Turf Lifestyle”.

She tried out the SPAball Kaddy and KaddyBACK and wrote a review about the Golf Ball Massage tools and want to share!


Thanks, Mychal! You made my day!
Heather Karr, LMT
GBM Health, Inc.

Debuting at launch of Pro Shop Superstore – Cape Town

SPAball Kaddy self massage

SPAball Kaddy self massage

SPAball Kaddy will be debuting at the launch of the new Pro Shop Superstore in Cape Town, South Africa, January 31 – February 3.

The SPAball Kaddy is a creatively designed, ergonomically balanced, cup-like device that perfectly cradles a standard gold ball. For the casual user the SPAball Kaddy allows anyone to reach deeper into the muscles than when using a golf ball or fingers alone.


For the trained therapist, the SPAball Kaddy allows the therapist to push deeply into the muscles with much less wear and tear on the therapist, protecting hands from the pressure of the golf ball and allowing the therapist to better control the ball.


For more information on this event, or retail inquiries in South Africa, contact Golf Ball Massage distributor:
Time Out Corporate Relaxation Services

Midrand 1685 Gouteng
Yolandi de Jager


Golf Ball Massage products will be debuting at the Dallas Gift Market 2013 in January!

Golf Ball Massage products will be debuting at the Dallas Gift Market 2013 in January!

Here’s the scoop…

Booth # 1710 at the Dallas International Gift Show, Jan. 18-21.

SPAball Kaddy

SPAball Kaddy
The SPAball Kaddy is a creatively designed, ergonomically balanced, cup-like device that perfectly cradles a standard gold ball. For the casual user the SPAball Kaddy allows anyone to reach deeper into the muscles than when using a golf ball or fingers alone. For the trained therapist, the SPAball Kaddy allows the therapist to push deeply into the muscles with much less wear and tear on the therapist, protecting hands from the pressure of the golf ball and allowing the therapist to better control the ball.
SPAball Kaddy with golf ball retails for $14.99


The KaddyBACK was designed based on the common practice of putting a golf ball in a sock, placing it against the upper back area, and pushing it against a wall to allow the ball to massage hard to reach back areas. KaddyBACK does the same thing but was designed to be hands-free, enabling this therapy to be used while in a car, chair, during travel, etc.

KaddyBACK retails for $12.99








Dallas Total Home & Gift Market – June 2012 from Dallas Market Center on Vimeo.

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I’m a drug dealer. I’m a massage therapist.

Yeah, I’m a drug dealer … and I’m a massage therapist. But I’m no different than any other massage therapist that is doing a good job. We just can’t help it!

It’s our clients’ fault, ya know. We just give them a massage. It’s their body that releases the endorphins. It’s not MY fault!

We call the drug “ENDO” on the street. It’s short for endorphins. ENDO is a hormone made in your body during exercise, excitement, pain and it’s a lot like the opiates in their ability to reduce pain and give you a feeling of well-being. Kind of like morphine but it’s made in the clients own body! This is what happens with runners when they say they have a “runner’s high”.

Yeah, he he… it’s addictive.

Sure, I know I release ENDO in my clients body when I give a massage. So what. So sue me. That’s what my clients want. I give it to them. And they always want more.

Sometimes they want something EXTRA … so I use a golf ball. It kinda “turbo-boosts” the ENDO. Sweeeeet like candy. I call them JAW BREAKERS. There are trigger points in the muscles that I use the JAW BREAKER on. It’s hard to think clearly after that sweet rush of ENDO after a JAW BREAKER. Keeps ‘em coming back for more.

Yeah, I’m a drug dealer … and I’m a massage therapist.

Heather “Trigger Pointer” Karr, LMT

Golf Ball Massage tools in ABMP Massage Bodywork magazine

ABMP Massage Bodywork Magazine features’s Golf Ball Massage’s SPAball Kaddy and KaddyBACK.

By Rebecca Jones

Rolling around on a golf ball is great therapy for sore muscles. It’s just the right size and shape. But a golf ball can be hard on a therapist’s hands, so Heather Karr ( created a device that holds a golf ball and allows the therapist to control it more easily. She calls it the SPAball Kaddy ($14.99, golf ball included). “Even cooler,” she says, “is the KaddyBACK [$12.99].” That’s a cloth holder for the SPAball Kaddy that is slug over the shoulder and allows the wearer to perform his or her own trigger point therapy by pushing it against a wall.

FYI… the KaddyBACK can hold just a golf ball alone to get pressure on those muscles on your back, but a SPAball Kaddy and golf ball fit in there too, if you want REALLY deep pressure!

Thanks ABMP! You guys ROCK!

Heather Karr, LMT

Foam Roller, Golf Balls, Ice Tea, and Chardonnay…

Ahhhh, foam roller! You probably already know how much I love golf balls for self-care, but here are three OTHER things I can’t live without. As a massage therapist I recommend the first three to my clients. The forth is a personal choice.


1: Foam Roller.
If you’ve never used one of these bad boys before then you probably aren’t aware of the love/hate relationship people have with this thang! Aside from getting a professional massage, I think the foam roller is the next best thing to getting that deep compression in your muscles. I gotta tell ya that it can be pretty uncomfortable, but don’t let that stop you! It’s worth it.
My favorite areas to work are my glutes, IT bands, infraspinatus, quads, upper back, and deltoids. There are SOOO many other areas, but those are my faves!
If your IT bands (or infraspinatus) are too sensitive then use a rolled up hand towel for softer pressure at first. Graduate to the foam roller when you are ready.

2: Golf Balls.
Ever since I was exposed to these little spheres of joy I’ve been hooked. The pressure, size, and hardness are perfect for easily getting into those tough knotted muscles. I especially like golf balls because I can use them to massage myself and don’t have to beckon anyone to help me! Nothing replaces the healing hands of a massage therapist but sometimes you just don’t have the time!

3: Ice Tea.
I really, really, really, really dislike drinking plain water. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I know I need to stay hydrated to keep my muscles functioning properly, so I add a LITTLE ice tea in my water to make it more drinkable, without adding calories.

 4: Chardonnay.
The Nectar of the Gods.

Thank you StudioTyla Pilates & Fitness for letting me crash your class … and model, Jen Hixson, for the surprise photo shoot. xxxooooo

Heather Karr, LMT 

Massage helps with weight loss!

If you want to turbo-boost your weight loss efforts, get a massage!

Hell yeah!  When you hear those voices in your head that say “I can’t try any harder to lose weight” just pick up the phone and call your favorite massage therapist or spa.

Here is WHY massage helps you lose weight:

1: Depression makes us eat! When you have physical or emotional stress, the hormone cortisol increases your appetite and causes fat to have a par-tay on your tummy. Exercise is the best way to lower cortisol levels, but massage does too!

2: If you have muscle soreness it’s easy to skip your workout. And if you skip your workout you won’t burn as may calories. Massage helps makes your muscles feel better.

3: After a certain age your metabolism can slow down.  Massage sessions can boost your metabolic rate, which we all know, will burn fat faster.

4: Massage boasts your feeling of well being so you’re more inclined to eat healthier.

Do I hear ya holla? 😉

Getting a massage once or twice a week will help your weight loss program and quality of life considerably.

If you are short on cash get your partner to take a massage class with you and do it yourself at home, or go to your local massage school for a discount massage.

Heather Karr, LMT

High Technology to Add Yards To Your Drive?

Yep. And it’s free.  STRETCHING! I know ::yaaaaawn:: it’s boring. But think about how GREAT it would be to add yards to your drive! Spank your buds in the next skins game … for FREE!

Lack of flexibility can make your swing short and narrow, which reduces the distance on your drive. Stretching becomes less boring if you focus on what it can do for you!

You love that look on Tom “alligator hands” Smith’s face when he has to pull money out of his rarely opened wallet, right? Plus, you reduce the risk of tearing your muscles, which can keep you from playing.

There are many more stretches that are important, but if I had to pick 12, these would be it!

#1: Triceps & Shoulders
#2: Pectoralis
#3: Shoulders
#4: Deltoids
#5: Obliques
#6: Hand, Wrist & Forearms
#7: Glutes (Oh, GOD, the Glutes!)
#8: Hamstrings (Don’t underestimate the power of tight hamstrings. They are sneaky!)
#9: Waist & Torso
#10: Calf & Achilles Tendon
#11: Quadriceps
#12: Inner Thighs

(If you hate stretching get a massage. We’ll do it for you! Win win.)

Okay okay… you can still buy your expensive high-tech gadget.

I’m just sayin’.

Heather Karr, LMT


Massage Tips For The Wife of a Golfer

You love your man, right? Do you want some massage tips so he can play a better game and make him happy? You don’t want him to hurt his shoulders and not be able to play … because then he will be grumpy, right? RIGHT?

Give him a massage with his own golf balls!

His shoulders need to stay loose and strong to get that great swing, so here’s what to do:

Golf balls are fantastic to massage with (If you use the SPAball Kaddy with the golf ball it makes it easier to go DEEP and control the ball.)

1: Get him to lay on his back.

2: Tell him you are going to do something to him you’ve never done before.

3: Slowly put lotion or oil on his chest and arms. Warm up his shoulder muscles with light massage with just your hands.

4: Then, start rolling the ball around in the areas indicated in this photo.

5: Listen to his signs of what he likes. Start LIGHTLY then gradually get deeper. Stay slow.

6: Flip him over and massage his back and shoulder area.


Feel free to email me with any questions. Let me know how it goes. Maybe he will return the favor!


Heather Karr, LMT

(Click HERE to see a sneak peek video of a Golf Ball Massage for couples.)


Secret Spots (a.k.a. Trigger Points) To Help Your Golf Swing

Trigger points in upper backDid you know that if you just massage and put pressure on the trigger points in your upper back you can help relieve the pain in your shoulder or neck without even TOUCHING them?

If you’ve ever had a stiff neck I’m SURE you know that “where the head goes, the body goes”, AND SO DOES YOUR SHOT! It’s obviously IMPORTANT to keep this area flexible.  You’ve got about 400 of these “secret spots” and I’m gonna show you my favs!

See the green area in this image? This is an area that you may have pain. The trigger point to relieve this pain is under the golf ball. The knot in the muscle (where the golf ball is) can create pain (called referred pain) in OTHER areas!

“But, Heather, why is there a golf ball there?”
I KNEW you were going to ask that.

Now it’s hard to REACH this area of your back by yourself. And even if you talk a friend into massaging it for you they almost NEVER do a very good job. Mehhhh. I say DO IT YOURSELF. You can just put a golf ball in a sock, throw it over your shoulder, and press the ball into this area. It not only “hurts so good” but if you keep the pressure there long enough you will feel relief in your shoulders and neck! I use my KaddyBACK  to do this on my drive home because I don’t have to hang onto it to keep it on my shoulder, and can drive safely WHILE giving myself the best back massage EVA!

This is ONE secret you are allowed to share!

Heather Karr, LMT

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