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Golf Ball Massage tools available in Australia.

All our friends in Australia can now order their favorite Golf Ball Massage trigger point massage tools from ACCESS HEALTH in Blackburn, Victoria.



Access Health has been around since 1978 and has grown into a major supplier of Electrotherapy equipment, Treatment Tables and Consumables for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Community Health Centers and Rehabilitation Hospitals.

We are so thrilled to have them as part of our team!

To order in AUSTRALIA, please contact:
Blackburn, Victoria, Australia 3130

To find retail locations near you visit:

To find spas and therapists that offer
DEEP Golf Ball Massage with the SPAball Kaddy visit:


Contact: Deborah Evans & Associates, LLC

To order in SOUTH AFRICA
Contact: Time Out Corporate Relaxation Services

To order in IRELAND
Contact: Sports Recovery

Golf Ball Massage at the Four Seasons Dublin, Ireland

Recommended by Irish golfing legend Des Smyth, this exclusive sports massage treatment at the Four Seasons – a first in Ireland – uses a special rolling massage device with an inner golf ball to provide steady, gliding pressure and deep massage work, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the fairway in style.

Combine this massage treatment with golf conditioning from the Spa’s preferred conditioning coach and personal trainer, Eric Miller. Tailored monthly packages include four Golf Ball massages, eight golf conditioning sessions and full use of our facilities from EUR 850 for members and EUR 1,010 for non-members. For more information, please call Spa reservations at 353 (1) 665 4602.

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Golf Digest Magazine advises on massage for golfers

GOLF DIGEST june 2013 heather karr

Great article by Golf Digest’s fitness editor, Ron Kaspriske, about massage for golfers, and I was honored to contribute. Most of the golfers I massage are on the verge of an injury. It’s important for them to communicate this information to their massage therapist. For instance, YES, your forearms need to be flexible, but if you already have some pain from overuse (or inflammation) the therapist needs to be careful not make it worse.

Although many massage therapists can feel or recognize several muscles problems, it’s important that you speak up!
Pick up a copy of the June issue of Golf Digest and enjoy!

Heather Karr, LMT and Golfshadow contributor


Therapist Mixes Lomi Lomi With Golf Ball Massage

Katie MitchellSouthern California’s Therapist Katie Mitchell’s idea of mixing the Hawaiian massage techniques of Lomi Lomi with the deep techniques of Golf Ball Massage using the SPAball Kaddy is a huge winner!

Katie, is the therapist and esthetician at Katie’s Skincare located inside The Hair Affair at 484 Mobil Ave, Camarillo, California.

I had the pleasure of personally training Katie in the Golf Ball Massage technique but she has put her own creative experience one terrific step further, and I had the experience and benefit of her amazing massage! Brilliant!

Her unique technique combines the smooth Lomi Lomi strokes, and rhythm of movement, to make you fade into a very deep relaxation. Lomi Lomi, means “massage therapist” in the Hawaiian language and is a holistic healing tradition beyond a simple massage. It is restorative, stress reducing and rejuvenating.

In other words … yummy!

Katie Mitchell of Katie's Skincare in The Hair Affair salon.

Katie Mitchell of Katie’s Skincare in The Hair Affair salon.

Katie explains,I want my client’s treatments to feel like a mini retreat. Massage has such restorative and healing abilities everyone would benefit!

Well, Katie, MISSION ACCOMPISHED! I’m always going 100 mph so sometimes it’s hard for me to relax during a massage. Katie’s gentle, caring, and comforting touch put me at ease very quickly. Her calming manner and peaceful approach make me comfortable immediately.

Katie Mitchell signI was delighted and loved that this wonderful professional has the same rule I do when giving massages … No Talking! Focus on your relaxation, please! These special moments of personal quiet allows the client to reach that deep relaxation they came for – and will greatly benefit from.


Katie Mitchell is certified in Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Trigger Point and TMJ, as well as Lomi Lomi. If you can’t decide between a massage and a facial she also offers a unique “Fac-ssage”, which is a complete back massage and a full European facial. It is approximately 120 stress-free minutes.

I highly recommend you give Katie Mitchell’s services a try! I plan on visiting her again and again! I know you will want to, too!

Although any therapist can learn the deep Golf Ball Massage modality, with the SPAball Kaddy, by viewing the videos online or purchasing the training DVD, but if you would like to be personally trained in the technique of Golf Ball Massage by me, at least a $100 donation is required to Our Community House of Hope. (This can be done online through OCHH’s website.) This $100 donation goes directly to OCHH and is a charitable contribution.

For more information regarding personal training visit this link:  TRAINING

Also, please visit our registry to find other therapist’s and spas offering Golf Ball Massage throughout the world. REGISTRY (Those personally trained are indicated CERTIFIED.)

To contact Katie directly:
Katie Mitchell


Heather Karr, LMT

Focus people. Even if you aren’t a golfer!

Focus. DON’T FOCUS! What? Swing! Sh*t.

By Heather Karr

Ever have a random thought come out of nowhere right in the middle of your back-swing? You can’t be distracted, but you can’t be TOO focused on what you are doing. Both can screw up your game. Does this sound like something else in your regular civilian life? ::coughsexcough::

Imagine, at the first tee box, a “friend” tells you he posted a hilarious drunk photo of you on Facebook from your Lake Havasu va ca. No time to delete it until the end of the game. How ya swingin now partner? Ehhhhh. Stress and tension have the same affect, like putting with an intrusive wedgie.

Continue reading… During Golf Swing

Sergio Garcia starts a new trend!

Sergio Garcia stretch using trees

Nothing stops Sergio Garcia from getting an edge on his competition. This stud Spaniard knows how to sneak in a stretch during a round. Let’s face it … it’s embarrassing when people watch you stretch those hamstrings, so he has developed a new method to block those judgmental eyes … using TREES!

Read on… / Sergio Garcia starts a new trend. By Heather Karr

Neck pain? DIY massage shown here!

Massage therapists have clients that complain of daily neck pain. Us massage therapists are great at making them feel better, but let’s face it, sometimes our clients just don’t have the time or money to see us as often as they need to.

Why not teach our clients how to take care of themselves when they can’t visit us? Nothing replaces our “magical hands” but when our clients hurt at 11:00 at night we can’t be there to help them!

Neck pain holds us back — our relationships, our patients, and our concentration. Not to mention we’re a bitch to be around. I think a lot of people just tolerate this pain assuming it won’t go away, and don’t realize how bad it was until it’s gone.

The techniques I’m going show you in this video are the ones I do on myself all the time. Even massage therapists need to do this, ifyaknowwhatimean.

Now keep in mind, your neck pain could be due to an injury, worn joints, nerve compression, or disease, so please consult a doctor! But if your neck pain is due to muscle strain then these techniques can do the trick.

Enjoy the video!

Share it with the ones you love!
(So they will be less bitchy! But don’t tell them I said that.)

Heather Karr, LMT

Use a foam roller when you can’t get a massage.

Clients ask me often “Who massages YOU?”. I tell ’em my golf balls do (of course) but ALSO my good ‘ol foam roller! No joke! Between the golf balls and the foam roller I get that deep compression my poor old body needs when I can’t get a GOOD professional massage.

The foam roller can be pretty dang uncomfortable sometimes, but don’t let that stop you!
It’s worth it. Suck it up, cupcake.

These are my favorite areas to work. And thank you, model Jen Hixson, for the sweet demo!


FOAM ROLLER glutes1: My butt muscles! Especially my piriformis. This has FIXED me many times. Tight hips and glutes give you pain in your lower back so I gotta do this a lot.







FOAM ROLLER itbands2: IT bands. Okay … this can hurt. If it hurts too much use a rolled up hand towel at first, then graduate to the foam roller. IT bands are hard to stretch and also contribute to lower back pain so it’s worth your while to do it.






FOAM ROLLER Infraspinatus3: Lord have mercy! Infraspinatus, come to mama! Since I’m a massage therapist I need to do this all the time. I’m very active and at risk for injury. I don’t want to slow down and I KNOW it helps. Does it hurt? YEAH! But then I feel better. STRONG LIKE BULL!






FOAM ROLLER quads4: Working my quads, right up to my hips, makes a remarkable difference when I’ve been standing all day. I don’t like how it feels when I’m doing it, though. Blaaa!







FOAM ROLLER back5: CRACK, CRACK, CRACK. When I roll up and down my upper back on the foam roller I ALWAYS wonder if everyone know how good this feels.







FOAM ROLLER calves6: My calves don’t hurt most of the time but using the foam roller here when they DO hurt does the trick.








FOAM ROLLER deltoids7: Deltoids! OMG, I wish you could see my face when I do my deltoids. Massage therapists need to do this a LOT. It hurts but feels good at the same time.







There ya go. Foam rollers are sold in many places but they tend to be about $25 – $30. I’ve tried to make homemade substitutions but so far have had no luck. It’s worth the money for a good, firm foam roller.

Please feel free to email to me your discoveries and successes!

Heather Karr, LMT


Zebula Golf Estate & Spa South Africa offer Golf Ball Massage

Zebula Spa therapists golf ball massage

Zebula Spa therapists treating clients with the SPAball Kaddy- these girls are good – be sure not to miss out on the Golf Ball Massage at Zebula Golf Estate and Spa, South Africa
World-leading therapies meet the heart and soul of Africa at the acclaimed The Spa at Zebula. Beautifully designed, featuring natural textures and ethnic elements, The Spa at Zebula is in harmony with the surrounding bushveld, a serene space that offers sanctuary from the stresses of life in the 21st century.
With 9 private treatment rooms complemented by a 3m raised deck overlooking the bush on which open air pampering sessions are highly recommended, the spa offers top class facilities and a range of treatments and therapies that will have you spoilt for choice.  Relax while we combine nature’s inherent healing and beautifying qualities with the very latest technologies to create balance and harmony of body, mind and soul.You’re invited to spend time in our private garden which features two large open-air heated relaxation tubs – ideal for unwinding with a glass of Bubbly with your girlfriends. Or, take a deeply refreshing dip in the indoor heated pool. Our highly-trained, discreet and attentive therapists are on-hand to ensure that your desired treatment is a memorable one. At The spa at Zebula we offer all the usual beauty and health therapies as well as our Signature treatments.

Spa facilities include a small, yet fully-equipped gym, heated relaxation tubs, steam room, snack bar and nine private treatment rooms (including a double treatment room with private Jacuzzi, ideal for couples).

Free Download of Necessary Massage Certificate

Need a massage certificate to convince someone that your massage is necessary, and not just a luxury?

Does this sound familiar:

     CHRIS: “I NEED a massage”

     BRETT: “You big baby. You don’t NEED a massage, you just WANT one.”

     CHRIS: “I WANT one because I NEED one. It does me so much good!”

     BRETT: “You just want to be pampered; it’s just a luxury.”

Listen up Brett — if that is your real name — I’m about to educate you!

Massage can SAVE MONEY and PREVENT INJURY. Don’t let the fact that it feels awesome fool you. Sleeping feels great. Is that a luxury too?

One study found that just ONE 45-minute massage reduces cortisol levels (the stress hormone), decreases cytokine proteins (related to inflammation and allergic reactions), and boosts white blood cells that fight infection!

WHACK! I’m not done with you yet, Brett.

An insurance company recently took a chance by allowing massage to be a “covered benefit.” The results were amazing: 25% decrease in back surgeries, 30% decrease in neck surgeries, 40% decrease in TMJ, and almost a 50% decrease in stress leave.

BAMM! That just happened, Brett.

Premature babies who received 15 minutes of massage, 3 times a week, gained 47% more weight, and were discharged from the hospital six days earlier.


Check out this checklist and determine for yourself whether massage is a luxury or a necessity. Now you’ll have the certificate to prove it.

Two or more checked indicates a massage is a necessity, not just a luxury.

__ I need to be less cranky & uptight

__ I need to think more clearly & focused

__ My muscles are tight & they hurt

__ I’m active & worry about injury due to tight or over-worked muscles.

__ I feel pain in my muscles

__ I’m stressed & I need to improve my immune system

__ I have headaches due to stress & tight muscles

__ I’m depressed

Massage therapists, etc. feel free to download this certificate and insert YOUR contact information. Give freely to your clients who need a little help convincing the “Bretts” in their lives that a massage will truly benefit them!

Download printable PDF here



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