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Being a massage therapist is hard work.
We push ourselves to make sure our clients get the deep massages they desire, but we often do this to the point of risking injury to our hands and fingers.

It’s in our nature to be givers in our chosen line of work. We have a great desire to make people happy and feel better. But how do we do that without injuring ourselves? We all know of fellow therapists who had to stop massaging due to injuries.

I know many massage tools are available; but I’ve never been a big fan of tools because I believe the human touch is so important, and I never want my clients to feel like a “thing” is on them, or even worse—not feel my hands at all.

Golf Ball Massage gives you the best of both worlds. An ordinary golf ball is an excellent massage tool, the perfect size for both cross-fiber and deep trigger-point work, but using it for deep pressure can hurt your palm. I use a special tool I created, the SPAball Kaddy, to control the ball and protect my palm when giving deep pressure. It’s sized so that your hand glides on the client at the same time.
Often when I use this tool, clients aren’t even aware that I’m using a tool at all. They just think I have amazing fingers and thumbs. They can relax, blissfully unaware that I’m using a tool to deliver that wonderful pressure.

Golf Ball Massage Therapy for Trigger Points
The deep pressure of a golf ball in the rhomboid/upper trapezius area is a huge relief for clients, since this is a common area of complaint. Before I used golf balls, I used my elbows, fingers and thumbs.
Using a golf ball for massage gives pressure that is smaller, harder and more focused than using an elbow does, and it is much easier to accomplish this pressure with the ball rather than the fingers or thumbs. I use both palms to push down on the golf ball into the trigger points in the upper trapezius and hold for 10 to 20 seconds.
Another of my favorite areas is the tibialis anterior. This muscle is so tight that often it’s not worked very well. Although I still use my thumbs and fingers during massage, it’s quite a relief to have this golf ball tool as an alternative.

I usually warm up each muscle group with effleurage and compression before introducing the golf ball. Then I roll the golf ball in a circular motion for cross-fiber massage, and pause on the trigger points. (Make sure you experience this yourself first before trying it on someone else, because you can accomplish very deep pressure with very little effort.)

You can use the golf ball for any of the trigger points on the body, but I like to use my thumbs for the neck area. I still use the golf ball there, but since it’s such a delicate area I need to use smaller, focused pressure.

Read the full article here:

Golf Ball Massage announces new European distributor

Belgium Golf Ball Massage

We are so happy to announce our new European Golf Ball Massage products distributor, Kalijn. Europeans have been ordering the SPAball Kaddy (as well as other products from GBM Health, Inc.) SPAball Kaddydirectly from the USA, but now they will be available more quickly and without the expense of shipping and customs fees from the USA.

Golf Ball Massage kondigt nieuwe Europese distributeur aan.
We zijn heel blij om onze nieuwe Europese distributeur voor de Golf Ball Massage producten, Kalijn, aan te kondigen. Europeanen hebben de SPAball Kaddy (evenals andere producten van GBM Health, Inc.) steeds rechtstreeks besteld uit de KaddyBACKVerenigde Staten. Maar nu zijn ze veel sneller verkrijgbaar, zonder de hoge verzend- en douanekosten uit de Verenigde Staten.

Kalijn is a wholesale and retail company distributing high-quality natural products, personal care products and massage supplies, located in Mol, in Belgium.

Kalijn is een groot- en kleinhandel in hoogwaardige natuurlijke producten, verzorgingsproducten en massagebenodigdheden, gelegen in Mol, in België.

©Robert Guio

“We are convinced that many therapists will be very pleased they can offer their clients a new and FANTASTIC deep massage, with very little effort as well as protecting their hand and that only with the help of the MIRACULOUS SPAball Kaddy!” says Marleen Dierckx, owner of Kalijn, along with Kristof Van Olmen.

We zijn ervan overtuigd dat veel therapeuten erg tevreden zullen zijn dat ze hun klanten een nieuwe en FANTASTISCHE dieptemassage kunnen aanbieden, met zeer weinig inspanning, alsook ter bescherming van hun hand." En dat met enkel de hulp van de WONDERBAARLIJKE SPAball Kaddy !!zegt Marleen Dierckx, zaakvoerster van Kalijn, samen met haar zoon Kristof Van Olmen.

A little about Kalijn …

Een beetje over Kalijn …

Kalijn was launched in 2006 with manager Guido Van Olmen and his wife Marleen Dierckx. Since November 2014, the company changed to a partnership and is now directed by Marleen Dierckx with her eldest son Kristof Van Olmen.

Kalijn is opgericht in 2006 met als zaakvoerder Guido Van Olmen en zijn vrouw Marleen Dierckx. Sinds november 2014 is het bedrijf veranderd in een vennootschap en wordt het nu geleid door Marleen Dierckx en haar oudste zoon Kristof Van Olmen.

KALIJN shelvesThe meaning of the name “Kalijn” is “Clean and Pure”. That is where some of their products stand for, cleaning and purify the body. Purification, detoxification and de-acidification of the body: your guide for an extended beauty and a good health.

De betekenis van de naam “Kalijn” is “Rein en Zuiver”. Dat is waar een aantal van hun producten voor staan, het reinigen en zuiveren van het lichaam. Zuivering, ontgifting en ontzuring van het lichaam: dé leidraad voor een langere schoonheid en een goede gezondheid.

KALIJN bottlesKalijn is also the right place for beauty salons and therapists for massage supplies: beautiful covers for massage tables, massage oils,  special oils to protect therapist against negative energies.

Schoonheidsinstituten en therapeuten kunnen ook bij Kalijn terecht voor allerlei massagebenodigdheden: mooie overtrekken voor massagetafels, massage oliën, speciale oliën om therapeuten te beschermen tegen negatieve energieën.

A few years ago Kalijn started with the course of Jade Stone Massage in Belgium. Marleen designed also her own herbal stamps for the herbal stamp massage.

Enkele jaren geleden heeft Kalijn in België de Jadestonemassage opgestart. Marleen heeft ook haar eigen kruidenstempels ontworpen voor een kruidenstempelmassage.

Contact and ordering info:

Contact opnemen en bestellen:


Donk 51, 2400 Mol, Belgium


Home of The Masters Offers The Original “Golf Ball Massage”


Krystina Carrino, LMT and Owner of Ready.Set.Relaxx

Krystina Carrino, LMT and Owner of Ready.Set.Relaxx

Ready.Set.Relaxx (DBA Therapeutic Massage by KC) in Martinez Georgia is now a licensed and certified “SPAball Massage, The Original Golf Ball Massage” venue.
The owner and licensed massage therapist Krystina Carrino, along with 10 of her independent contractors, are expecting guests from all over the world for The Masters tournament the first week of April.

The folks at GBM Health, Inc. started a unique revolution with the original and innovative use of golf balls and their patented SPAball Kaddy for therapeutic massages and the SPAball Kaddy is the first ergonomically balanced, cup-like device that perfectly cradles a standard golf ball for massage. The SPAball Kaddy allows the therapist to push more deeply into the muscles, while still remaining “in-touch” with the client, providing more targeted therapeutic results. The licensed SPAball Massage packages even include a free SPAball Kaddy for self-care to use between massage services, providing customers a guide for health empowerment at home, in the office or while traveling.
Heather Karr, the inventor of the SPAball Kaddy, says “Ms. Carrino specializes in orthopedic, sports, and medical massage, and has already been using the SPAball Kaddy for golf ball massage for three years. We are very proud she has taken her spa to the next level and are offering her expanded expertise with the specific licensed massage to her fortunate clients.
therapeuticmassagebykcReady.Set.Relaxx has a very loyal client base as well as working with professional athletes, musicians, bands, and celebrities.
I’ve had many good massages over the years for my chronic back pain. Today, however, I experienced one of the best with a pain-relieving SPAball Massage. Krystina worked her magic with a golf ball and worked out some deep knots that are usually hard to get with traditional deep tissue or trigger point massage. I feel amazing, relaxed and energized all at the same time. Who would have thought a golf ball could give such relief for my back pain? ” says Renee M. of Columbia, South Carolina.

The Original Golf Ball Massages have been increasingly popular with a growing fan base; including celebrities, medical professionals and golf industry pros.

To visit the website of Ready.Set.Relaxx visit: Therapeutic Massage by KC

Watch SPAball Massage in ACTION:

Golf Ball Massage at OMNISENS Paris

OMNISENS Paris Golf & Spa3

Chef de projet et formatrice OMNISENS said about their signature Golf Ball Massage:

“The OMNISENS Golf Spa massage is one of my favorite!  It’s also our best seller in European Spa Resorts.
Original and effective, it brings a deep muscular relaxation. SPAball Kaddy is a good help to adapt intensity and pressure of the massage and, clients love the pleasant sensation of golf balls on the skin. All the people I’ve trained for this massage, loved it! They are our best ambassadors.”

OMNISENS Paris Golf & Spa 2I’ve been communicating with the good people at OMNISENS Paris for a while and it’s been very rewarding to see that they are taking full advantage of the benefits of the SPAball Kaddy during their signature golf massage for their clients. I know personally that the feeling it gives is remarkable. It’s a feeling that you can’t accomplish without the tool and golf ball. SOMEDAY I’m going to make it to OMNISENS Paris to try out their best seller.



Here is the description of their massage:

OMNISENS Paris Spa Cosmetics – Signature Golf-Spa Massage
A sporty, stimulating, rhythmical massage for golfers to relieve deeply held tension and pain. This treatment is a combination of deep tissue techniques and targeted massage on areas of tension with a specific golf ball massage. Enjoy before or after physical effort for women and men

Congratulations OMNISENS Paris. Hope to visit you soon!

Heather Karr, LMT

Heather Karr, LMT




Trigger Point with a Quartz Crystal Ball?


Heather Karr, LMT

Heather Karr, LMT

I’ve been using golf balls for trigger point work in massage for a long time, but have found using a quartz crystal ball is also awesome! I’ve not been practicing “energy work” with crystals and stones but a lot of my therapist friends do, and now we are finding they can do trigger point work at the same time with the techniques I’ve developed with the golf ball.

Trigger point work needs small directed pressure (such as your fingers, thumbs, or small tools, about the size of a golf ball) pushed into the muscle knot. Larger balls and stones (such as a tennis ball) are great for compression, but not small enough for the magic of trigger point.

When therapists use stones alone to do trigger point work it’s a little hard holding the slippery stones. They have to use too much of their hand muscles to grip them, not to mention the pressure on their palm to do this for any length of time.

You can use a stone or golf ball alone but you can’t get the deep pressure without hurting your hands over time.

I’m going to show some techniques on how to do this safely (and easily) as well as a little about trigger point work.

Pictured here are some of my favorite trigger points!


When these areas have direct and steady pressure you can get some release in the muscle knots, as well as in the referred pain areas. This shows the trigger points (indicated with a golf ball) as well as their referred pain areas (shown in the green). If you have pain in the green area, push and massage the area where the golf ball is.

You may do this now with just your thumbs or fingers but you probably notice they get sore and tired after a short time. You may not be able to give the client as much pressure as they need, OR you may give them what they need, but you end up hurting your valuable hands … a.k.a your “Money Makers.”

There is a better way.

The SPAball Kaddy controls the crystal (or golf ball) and dispersed the pressure SPAball Kaddyon your hands so you can do much more of this deep work than just using your thumbs or ball alone. It’s small enough to allow your hands on the client at the same time so it doesn’t really feel like you are using a “tool” on them. Often my clients aren’t aware I’ve even used a ball on them at all. They just know I’ve done some amazing deep work.

SBKaction4jannaJust so you know, pushing on a trigger point can be a bit painful, or you may get some twitching in that muscle, but this is a good sign that you are in the right place! This kind of massage technique is usually not comfortable, but massage therapists and other health professionals’ use it because it really helps to relax a stubborn muscle. It’s best to let the client know ahead of time that it will be uncomfortable and to let you know if it’s too much for them. Usually if they are aware ahead of time they can relax through it. Letting them know ahead of time will ALSO open up the communication to find out they don’t want any pain that day and that maybe it isn’t a good day for that kind of work. Good to know that ahead of time!

I’ve been using the crystal ball (40mm ball to fit in the SPAball Kaddy) but I’ve also been using a jade ball. Now my customers can pick what they feel they want for that particular day. I have one long-time golf ball massage client that wants the golf ball on her back, but the jade ball every where else. Another switches from clear quartz crystal to the smokey quartz, depending on her mood.

Do the various balls feel different?

Yes! The golf ball’s natural temperature and texture feels the most like the human hand. Often the client can’t distinguish my hand from the golf ball. You can feel the dimples on the golf ball on your hands and feet though!

The crystal and jade ball is MUCH smoother and colder. It is very different than your hand. Almost like water. It’s a remarkable feeling, but it IS obvious you are using something special! Although the crystal warms up fast on the client’s body I don’t like them to have a cold ball when I first use it.

crystalBalldisplayWhen they come in for their appointment I let them look at my wall display and have them pick which ball they would like to use. Once they pick it I put it in a bowl of hot water so that it warms up while they are getting ready for their massage. Once I enter the room I take it out and put it in my holster with my SPAball Kaddy. It’s usually still warm by the time I use it. I have to say that using the stones is such a pleasure! They feel so good in my hands! It’s so nice to add this extra service for my clients. They still get the deep work they crave and expect from me, but also feel treated in another way at the same time.

The techniques I use for the crystal ball is the same as with the golf ball. I actually even have an online 12-Hour CE Course for Golf Ball Massage that is available to all massage therapists that would be very beneficial or you can purchase the Professional Golf Ball Massage DVD for general technique training.

Add service to your spa menu

Whether your clients want energy work or not, they are getting the best of both Clear Quartz Cystal Ballworlds with these techniques. Even if you don’t do the deep trigger point work the cross fiber work and the feeling of the round stones across the muscles is heavenly! Even using it on yourself. My clients love to have a choice when they come in and it’s nice to let them hold it in their hands before the massage. Who wouldn’t want to get massaged with a large gem? Nirvana!

ENJOY and please let me know how it goes! I would love to hear your stories!

Heather Karr, LMT

Massage Magazine article: Save Your Hands with Golf Ball Massage

If you would like to see the SPAball Kaddy techniques in action with a golf ball check out this video:

UPDATE! Quartz Crystal balls are now available. They also include an elegant gift box. $24.99



The information here is not intended to be used as or to replace professional medical advice, and it does not constitute as a medical diagnosis or treatment. This information is provided for educational purposes only. You assume full responsibility for how this information is utilized. Please seek your physician or other qualified healthcare provider advice before trying any new treatment or discontinuing any treatments prescribed. If you have a health condition or concern, please consult a physician.

  • The SPAball Kaddy has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.
  • A crystal or golf ball should never be applied directly to wounds, bruises or sprains.
  • Do not use excessive pressure as injury may result. User discretion is strongly advised.

Golf Ball, Crystal, and Stone Massage?


Stone massage for trigger-point work might be the best of ALL worlds.

I’ve been doing the Golf Ball Massage for several years now (using the SPAball Kaddy to control the ball and protect my hand during deep pressure) but have recently discovered that using a golf ball size crystal and jade ball has benefits I hadn’t considered!

ACTIONspaball3As a LMT in Southern California, my specialties are deep tissue/trigger-point/sports massage as well as Compassionate Touch Therapy for hospice, so I’m a HUGE believer in the benefits of the human touch. It’s always important to me that even my deep therapeutic massages are soothing to the soul and give my clients the benefits of the same nurturing techniques that I use in Compassionate Touch Therapy.

The main thing I love about massaging with the golf ball is that the size is small enough to target trigger-points as well as allowing my hand to be on the client at the same time.



Often they are not even aware I’m using a golf ball at all! I developed techniques to seamlessly transition to using the ball—and not using the ball—without the client even being aware of it. I want them to just float to “another world” and forget I’m even there … feeling rejuvenated when I’m done. I have to point out that doing a golf ball massage without the SPAball Kaddy is TOTALLY different than what I do. The techniques are impossible with just a golf ball alone. When you watch the THIS VIDEO you will see what I’m referring to!

I used to offer hot stone massage but stopped after discovering how awesome the golf ball was. The stones felt good but it was hard to hold them and I found the “clicking and clanking” of the stones, and going back and forth to the crockpot of hot water, was too distracting and disjointing for the client. The hot stones were also hard on my hands when I tried to use them deeply, not to mention all the burns I enjoyed working with the scalding water.

Perfectly Round Quartz Crystal and Stones!

crystalBalldisplayAside from the energy benefits that some say the crystals and stones have, the feel of a natural stone has a completely different feeling than the golf ball. I loaned my quartz crystal ball to Golf Ball Massage specialist, Valeria Zenter, and had her perform her Golf Ball Massage with the SPAball Kaddy and crystal ball on me and … HOLY COW! The experience was remarkable. It was so smoooooooth but also deep and therapeutic. I was surprised at how buttery smooth it was, yet still able to manipulate my muscles. It was like the soft, strong pressure of water massaging your muscles. Powerful, yet so soft. After the massage my whole body was buzzing and relaxed at the same time. Was it the energy work from the crystal or just pure and simple muscle therapy? I don’t know but I’m TOTALLY hooked!

Crystal vs. Golf Ball?

Some of my clients still like just the golf ball better because it “grips” the muscles and tissue a little more, giving a different kind of a massage. Plus, the golf ball feels more like a human touch so usually the client isn’t aware that the awesome feeling they are enjoying isn’t from my thumbs, fingers, or elbows. The stones feel drastically smoother (like liquid), heavier, and cooler, resulting in a completely different feeling.

Some therapists believe that the crystals have healing and energy benefits so using them during a massage can give them the double-whammy of goodness. The great thing is that you can use whatever your clients needs that particular day. Win win for everyone!

Here is a great site for in-depth info on energy with stones:


I’ve developed techniques with the golf ball and SPAball Kaddy but they are the same techniques that can be used with the stones. The results: my clients walk slowly out of the massage room with a dazed look on their face saying “O…M…G. That was incredible”.

FYI, the ball moves REAL smooth if you put lotion or oil in the SPAball Kaddy before you put the ball in it.

You can watch the videos with the golf ball on the Golf Ball Massage YouTube channel, because the techniques are the same, but here’s a little quick look!

The Verdict?

Ummmmm … WINNING!

As a therapist I can do great trigger-point work without hurting my hands, and can also benefit the client in ways I never could before. I love the pretty display I made for my beautiful stones in my spa and I love to come to work everyday and make people feel great.

Heather Karr, LMT

Heather Karr, LMT

Please let me know how it works for you! I would love to hear any tips you discovered or comments!

Heather Karr, LMT

FYI… An online 12-Hour CE Course for Golf Ball Massage is now available to all massage therapists. These are the same techniques that can be used with the crystal or jade balls. More Info:


UPDATE! Quartz Crystal balls are now available. They also include an elegant gift box. $24.99


CE Course for Golf Ball Massage

GBM Online CourseOnline 12-Hour CE Course for Golf Ball Massage is Now Available!

This online 12-hour continuing education course utilizes streaming video to demonstrate various massage techniques to use with the SPAball Kaddy.

We will show you how to locate trigger points and how to eliminate the pain and stiffness associated with them by utilizing depth of pressure regulated and controlled via the golf ball. You will learn how to implement massage techniques using the golf ball housed in the SPAball Kaddy that break down adhesions that can block circulation, cause pain, limit movement, and create inflammation.

The course also includes:
• Benefits
• Contraindications
• Golfer information
• Marketing tips

Upon completion of this course you will walk away with a working knowledge to begin practicing Golf Ball Massage.
$150 (Spa group discounts available.)

Save Your Hands with Golf Ball Massage

Please contact me if you have questions!
Heather Karr, LMT

Heather Karr, LMT

Heather Karr, LMT

Unusual Spa Treatments – Four Seasons Mauritius

Golf Vacations Life Luxuriated – Unusual Spa Treatments

Surprise yourself this year with a few treatments you may not have come across.


BY Catharine Nicol

Golf Ball Massage, Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita

This new Golf Ball Massage reportedly gives a great deep tissue massage. The ball fits into a specially designed ‘Kaddy’ holder, helping the therapist keep the pressure even and the rolling of the ball over golf-weary muscles true. The back is an unusual fairway for a golf ball, but expect the circulation increase helping loosen and soften muscles ready for tomorrow’s round.

The ORIGINAL Golf Ball Massage online training

SBMTrainingManualCoverLicensed SPAball Massage, the ORIGINAL Golf Ball Massage
, 12 Continuing Education Hours
 Online Training.

Course Fee: $110.00
Course Description:

This twelve hour continuing education course focuses on the handling and use of the SPAball Kaddy and a golf ball for a therapeutic deep massage, while also protecting the massage therapist’s hands, fingers and thumbs.

The SPAball Massage is the exact original and authentic Golf Ball Massage that the founder, Heather Karr, developed, and is only available to licensed spas. You will learn various massage techniques to use with the SPAball Kaddy. This is a specific massage that will utilize depth of pressure and will be regulated and controlled via the golf ball. You will learn how to implement massage techniques using the golf ball housed in the SPAball Kaddy that break down adhesions that can block circulation, cause pain, limit movement, and create inflammation.  This massage is beneficial to athletes or anyone who is active.

To purchase the product necessary to complete this course please visit and order the SPABALL KADDY WITH GOLF BALL AND SPABALL KADDY PROFESSIONAL HOLSTER.

Contact us for more information.

Massage Therapist or Chiropractor for Back Pain?

As a massage therapist I often get asked “If I have back pain do I see you or a chiropractor?”

Before I was a massage therapist I actually thought that all chiropractors were kind of quacks. I was wrong. I’ve learned A LOT since then. Chiropractic work (from a good chiropractor) can be essential to relieve long-term muscle pain, where massage only will not.

I’m going to break this down for you in a way that I wish someone would have done for me a long time ago!

First of all, let’s go over the cast of characters:

Just a hard-working bloke that always seems to have back pain. Usually toughing it out — day-by-day — and trying not to be a big ol’ crybaby. You may not even realize how much pain you are in every day because you are so used to it by now. Usually this pain doesn’t stop you from doing what you need to do, but once in a while your back totally wigs out and you feel like you are getting really, really old.

Massage Therapist:
God’s gift to the earth! The massage therapist uses touch to manipulate the muscles of your body to relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce your stress, help to rehabilitate your injuries, break up scar tissue, and reduce anxiety.

A chiropractor is a doctor that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.

So who can help you when you have back pain?
Both of them! BUT… let’s go over who ya gonna call.

Your back pain can be due to muscle issues, joint or bone issues, ligament issues … or all of them!

Call a Massage Therapist if you have basic muscle issues such as tightness, fatigue, and soreness. Massage is perfect for this! If your muscles are tight from sitting at the computer all day, working out, etc., then a good massage is the ticket. Even a massage simply for distressing and relaxing helps your muscles because when we are stressed we clinch our jaws and shoulders as if someone is about to push us down. This makes the knots in our muscles even knottier. And often a knot in a muscle can cause a chain reaction of pain and issues in OTHER areas so keeping your muscles in shape is smart. I like to use a golf ball (with the aid of the SPAball Kaddy) to really do some deep trigger-point work to release those knots. Especially in the rhomboid area in the upper back. Keep in mind that that if you have issues with your lower back, the most common causes for this are tight glutes, hamstrings, psoas, and IT bands! So make sure you keep these stretchy if you sit at the desk or in a car all day.

Getting a massage to manage your muscle pain is kind of like when you rinse out the paint from your paintbrush. If you keep it paint free you won’t end up as a stiff old brush!

Call a good Chiropractor if your bones or joints are out of whack. Sometimes it’s just your tight muscles that are pulling them in the wrong direction BUT a good adjustment from a chiropractor (who knows what they are doing) will not only give you some pain relief, but it’s great maintenance to prevent degeneration from the bones being in the wrong position for a long period of time! And it’s not about the “popping” sound … it’s about getting the nervous system to reset. Yes reset! Your brain will change the muscle length to hold the joint in the new position! And this can be done without the “popping” if that freaks you out.

Getting a chiropractic adjustment is kind of like brushing your teeth to prevent tooth decay!

Let’s say you aren’t JUST “out of whack”. Call a good Chiropractor trained and certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics if you have spine or neck structural defects that need to be corrected, such as scoliosis, one leg too short, or neck curving the wrong way. (PHOTO) This is my OWN neck, by the way, and are in the process of permanently changing the ligaments ideal alignment to properly support my heavy head.

Muscles react differently to stretching than ligaments do. After stretching ligaments they bounce back.  Ligament remodeling puts a force on a ligament long enough to take it to a moldable plastic state, which allows it to stay at a new length.

This treatment isn’t just for pain-management … it literally remodels your ligaments to FIX the problem that is giving you the chronic pain. Massage can make you feel better because it gives some relief to the muscle (and the other areas it’s affecting) but the defects in your structure are going to cause it to be in pain again and again.

The stress your muscles have to deal with, in the situation such as my neck, is kind of like holding a bowling ball directly over your head VERSES holding the bowling ball in front of your body. It’s harder holding it in front of your body because you need to engage your muscles a LOT more. When the muscles of your neck and upper back have to support your VERY heavy bowling ball of a head it causes your muscles to work REALY REALLY hard, as well as causing degeneration in your spine!

Yes Virginia, there most likely is a way to correct issues in your back and neck that you thought weren’t possible, so there may NOT be a reason for you to tolerate daily pain. If you want to find a chiropractor with BioPhysics training in your area visit:

Ah, little known fact, in case you think chiropractors aren’t real doctors…
Chiropractors are trained to be primary care physicians and receive eight years of training, just as medical doctors do. Both receive a similar education in their first two years of medical education, but in the second two years a medical degree emphasizes internal medicine, surgery, and pharmaceuticals, where a chiropractic degree emphasizes physical medicine, physical therapy, adjusting and nutrition.

As a massage therapist I want to see you pain free. It’s the BEST part of my job AND my goal! But I know that some of my clients need more than just massage to accomplish this. Sometimes chiropractic work ALONG with massage is the best road to take if you really want long-term pain relief, and to be able to be active well into your senior years! I waited longer than I should have to address my own personal bone and joint issues. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what YOU need to do!

– Heather Karr, LMT