Therapist Mixes Lomi Lomi With Golf Ball Massage

Katie MitchellSouthern California’s Therapist Katie Mitchell’s idea of mixing the Hawaiian massage techniques of Lomi Lomi with the deep techniques of Golf Ball Massage using the SPAball Kaddy is a huge winner!

Katie, is the therapist and esthetician at Katie’s Skincare located inside The Hair Affair at 484 Mobil Ave, Camarillo, California.

I had the pleasure of personally training Katie in the Golf Ball Massage technique but she has put her own creative experience one terrific step further, and I had the experience and benefit of her amazing massage! Brilliant!

Her unique technique combines the smooth Lomi Lomi strokes, and rhythm of movement, to make you fade into a very deep relaxation. Lomi Lomi, means “massage therapist” in the Hawaiian language and is a holistic healing tradition beyond a simple massage. It is restorative, stress reducing and rejuvenating.

In other words … yummy!

Katie Mitchell of Katie's Skincare in The Hair Affair salon.

Katie Mitchell of Katie’s Skincare in The Hair Affair salon.

Katie explains,I want my client’s treatments to feel like a mini retreat. Massage has such restorative and healing abilities everyone would benefit!

Well, Katie, MISSION ACCOMPISHED! I’m always going 100 mph so sometimes it’s hard for me to relax during a massage. Katie’s gentle, caring, and comforting touch put me at ease very quickly. Her calming manner and peaceful approach make me comfortable immediately.

Katie Mitchell signI was delighted and loved that this wonderful professional has the same rule I do when giving massages … No Talking! Focus on your relaxation, please! These special moments of personal quiet allows the client to reach that deep relaxation they came for – and will greatly benefit from.


Katie Mitchell is certified in Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Trigger Point and TMJ, as well as Lomi Lomi. If you can’t decide between a massage and a facial she also offers a unique “Fac-ssage”, which is a complete back massage and a full European facial. It is approximately 120 stress-free minutes.

I highly recommend you give Katie Mitchell’s services a try! I plan on visiting her again and again! I know you will want to, too!

Although any therapist can learn the deep Golf Ball Massage modality, with the SPAball Kaddy, by viewing the videos online or purchasing the training DVD, but if you would like to be personally trained in the technique of Golf Ball Massage by me, at least a $100 donation is required to Our Community House of Hope. (This can be done online through OCHH’s website.) This $100 donation goes directly to OCHH and is a charitable contribution.

For more information regarding personal training visit this link:  TRAINING

Also, please visit our registry to find other therapist’s and spas offering Golf Ball Massage throughout the world. REGISTRY (Those personally trained are indicated CERTIFIED.)

To contact Katie directly:
Katie Mitchell


Heather Karr, LMT

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2 Responses to “Therapist Mixes Lomi Lomi With Golf Ball Massage”
  1. Carolyn Funk says:

    I would like to learn at a live seminar. Do you ever have them or know of someone in Florida near Vero Beach? I am a massage therapist working at a major golf community. Thanks!

    • heather says:

      Hi Carolyn. We are in the process on setting up more training as we speak. Please sign up for email notifications for more details when its in action! Right now the DVD for professionals is really great for training. Also, contact Deborah Evans for written info: Good luck! 🙂 – Heather

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