Why did Heather create the SPAball Kaddy™?

HeatherKarrLowresWEB_blackHeather Karr (Licensed massage therapist in Thousand Oaks, California) found that doing deep trigger point work was very painful to her hands. She wanted her clients to benefit from the good deep work, but also wanted to protect her hands. She tried using a golf ball and although a golf ball is perfectly shaped for smoothly and deeply massaging hard-to-reach muscles, it was damaging to the palm of her hand. She wanted a way to push the ball deeply into muscles but also disperse the pressure of the hard golf ball in her palm, yet still be small enough to allow her hands to glide on the client’s skin.


Golf Ball MassageShe made the first SPAball Kaddy prototype in her kitchen from a mound of Sculptey clay. After many modifications not only did her unique design protect her hands, it made the ball more controllable, and allowed her to remain “in-touch” with the client. This enabled her to perform many deep massages with trigger-point work without injuring her thumbs, a common injury for therapists. From baked clay, to the stunning jewel you see today, the SPAball Kaddy has undergone years of therapist and client-tested modifications.


Why did Heather create the KaddyBACK™?

KaddyBACKSoon after she started using her prototype of the SPAball Kaddy and golf ball on her clients she needed some of that golf ball action on her OWN back. She used to put a golf ball in a sock and press it into her upper back muscles against a wall but she wanted something she could use hands-free so she could get deep pressure in her back while traveling and not waste time standing against a wall. She developed the KaddyBACK, and not only did it substantially help the muscles in her back hands-free, but others wanted one too!


Recognizing the benefits of the ergonomic design, versatility, simplicity of use, marketing potential for business’, and cost-effective design, she finally made the SPAball Kaddy available to the public. GBM Health, Inc. is based on a simple and tried philosophy: We all benefit from the health of others, and no one should suffer needlessly.


The patented SPAball Kaddy and the KaddyBACK are used by professional therapists and home users alike. The unique cross-fiber and trigger-point techniques made the “Golf Ball Massage” one of Heather’s most popular modalities, and we are proud to offer our products and knowledge for your continued wellness.


Online 12-Hour CE Course for Golf Ball Massage is now available to all massage therapists.




I happily, and without reservation, list below a few things I love, use, and recommend from my personal experience. I hope you find them as remarkable as I do. I will continue to add to this list when I feel like it … and it will always be honest and true. Enjoy!
– Heather


HOSPICE: Our Community House of Hope (OCHH), Thousand Oaks, CA
As a massage therapist for hospice it’s my goal to see OCHH fully funded.

Our Community House of Hope is an end-of-life care home where final days are lived with dignity, love and respect. They provide compassionate comfort care, coordination with medical hospices, and educational services for the community.
     For some, their last moments will be spent alone, for others they have family but nobody who can provide continuous care.  It is for these people that OCHH exists.
     Our Community House of Hope services are provided at NO COST TO THE RESIDENTS OR THEIR FAMILIES. They are funded 100% by donations and do not receive insurance reimbursements.

The joy and beauty in this home makes you understand WHY it’s called the “House of Hope” because it offers the care and love that anyone would hope for at the end of their life. I have experienced first-hand the joy this home brings to their residents.
OCHH also functions as an educational center for students and professionals interested in end of-life care from various schools, universities, and community programs.

I encourage any donations to this amazing organization.


TRAINING: The Heart Touch Project, Santa Monica, CA
The Heart Touch Project is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the training and delivery of compassionate and healing touch to home bound or hospitalized, men, women and children.
This is the place that I received my training for Compassionate Touch Therapy and LOVE them. I encourage any massage therapist to take this training, even if they have no intention of doing this kind of work. The training can only make you a better massage therapist. FYI: you don’t need to be a professional massage therapist to take the class. It’s for everyone … and they are good people. 😉


BOOK: Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer
This book by Gayle MacDonald, MS LMT, is the BEST book on massage for the terminally ill I have ever studied. Someday I hope to meet her in person! There are no words for how important this book is. When I teach Compassionate Touch Therapy to caregivers I always recommend this book.

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